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It's Friday Poll Time!

It's good to be back, L's & G's.

Poll #1154153 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

absolutcalm -- I'm watching TV right now and they just advertized, forrealsies, for "Bowling for Colons." Now if you can come up with a better charity than that, I'll eat my hat.

Brumskis for Breast Cancer.
Liverstrong Beer Coozies.
The Stomp Out Epilepsy Rave.
S&M for MS: Help beat Multiple Sclerosis.

eideteker -- Are there any bastardizations/permutations/(ab)uses of the English language that get on your nerves? The one that gets directly under my skin is using "addicting" in place of "addictive". As in: These pretzels are sooooooooo addicting! Those of you who aren't scared to type can put yours here:

popespydie -- Ok so, the RIAA sues file sharers because they are stealing money from the Artists but now the Artists are going to sue the RIAA because the Artists aren't getting their money from the RIAA. What's the next lawsuit?

File sharers suing the artists for a cut of all the record, concert ticket, t-shirt and other sales resulting from the free promotion their file sharing provided for the bands.
Memorex, Verbatim, Maxell and other CD-Rom manufacturing companies suing Apple for rendering their product useless.
The file sharers suing the RIAA for entrapment by only legally releasing shitty shitty music and leaving them no choice but to illegally download anything that's worth a damn.
Downloaders suing file sharing networks for all the time and energy they wasted downloading "Our House" by Madness when the filename clearly said it was "Burning Down the House" by the Talking Heads.

observacious -- I work with 5 IT department managers named Dave (3 are Dave Ks). The primary contacts for the 3 vendors I work with are all named Steven. What's up with that?

While I haven't seen this, I have noticed a disproportionate number of lefties named Michael.
Don't overthink it. You can always call out the same name and get a positive response from someone you need to talk to. This is the Cosmos' way of cutting you a break.
Standups always joke about how Lisas end up as hairdressers and Crystals end up as Hooters waitresses, but "Dave K. the IT guy" just doesn't pack the same Half-Hour-Comedy-Hour punch.
It's further evidence for the existence of the Matrix.

segue -- If the sum of all things equal one, what is the derivitive? Or, Why nominate Hal Holbrook if no one will vote for him?

Throwaway Oscar nominations like that always put a spike on Death Pool odds.
He and Ruby Dee had the Academy by the shorthairs after they threatened to leak the Affleck Discrepancy.
It looks nice and dignified to have some old man's face up there mixed in with Clooney and Tom Hanks. And unlike Best Supporting Actress, they can't just fill up the empty slots with hot chicks.
To make it seem like they're not just picking at random between the latest US Weekly cover shots but that acting has anything to do with the Oscars.

renob423 -- ok, only 1 question this week (i'm still using my 256 characters though). i'm callin you out, this is the equivolent of an online gloveslap, i DEMAND satisfaction. You're in the wrong place for a fair fight. to a jury of our peers, i ask this: what is lamer dungeon masters or slasher flicks?

The lame thing maeincarnate likes.
The lame thing renob423 likes.

subbes -- Did I miss the exit?

I'm not sure. I can never remember if the A exits or the B exits come first on this side.
The blue sign for the Chick-Fil-A was a while ago.
I can't tell if it was an exit or not. It says to merge onto US1/395S/95S for 0.3 miles and then continue on 95S for 16.7 miles.
You did. But at least we're not on the New Jersey Turnpike, so we can turn around soon.

Last week, Gary Gygax, 'Father of Dungeons and Dragons' passed away. Now that you've had a week to be sad and make the appropriately mournful posts, any further comments?

Those strokes a few years ago really fucked him with the negative levels.
There are probably about a dozen people in this world about whose death it would be appropriate for you to say "I don't think I've really grokked it yet." I'm lookin' at you, Nimoy.
Commune is going to have to require a few more material components if this guy is going to get a moment's rest.
This sort of bullshit is precisely why Save or Die spells are out of 4th Edition.

MSN has a list of the Top 5 Actors who look like they smell bad. Not a bad list, I must say. Which of these ladies is most deserving of a slot on the Actress list?

Angelina Jolie.
Kirsten Dunst.
Cameron Diaz.
Drew Barrymore.


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