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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1158074 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

htothem -- A co-worker recently called in sick because she pulled a butt muscle. What is next in ridiculous excuses?

A Hyperextended shiftkey pinky.
Post-Traumatic Idol Disorder.
Wii Elbow.
Concert Neck.

absolutcalm -- If there were a war of over-actors which included Al Pacino and Nicholas Cage, whose overacting would kill all others?

Al Pacino.
Nicholas Cage.

observacious -- Plan ahead: If Patrick Swayze dies of pancreatic cancer what 1-3 clips of him should be used for the "In Memoriam" montage at the Oscars? Please choose 1-3 of the following clips:

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
The scene from To Wong Foo when he's crying and Rizzo says she's lucky to have a woman friend who happens to have an adam's apple.
The scene from Point Break when he's talking about the life-affirming rush of surfing.
One of his inspiration speeches from Donnie Darko that only seemed cheezy before you realized he was a pedophile.
The scene from Ghost of him singing Henry VII to Whoopi to make her crack.
One of the scenes from the Outsiders where he's hugging Daniel-san and crying about some social injustice of being orphaned greaser kids.
"Pain don't hurt."

renob423 -- what is the most impressive type of university to put on a rezamay? what is the least impressive type? what is the most useless degree someone can get? whats the strangest double major you've ever heard? is a Dr. ouside medicine even worth getting?

One people have heard of.
One that appears on a "rezamay".
They're all about the same. All of us who got English, History, Psychology or other such interchangeable degrees all knew we could always get work as admins and figure it out from there.
Strange? Who knows. Double Majors just sort of happen when you take a bunch of electives that happen to be from the same department. Like any employer gives a damn that you majored in two things for your undergrad.
Sure. It beats the hell out of Coke or Pepsi.

subbes -- Stage that should have been in Smash Brothers Brawl, and yet wasn't. Damn, I need a Wii. I'm going to pretend I know enough about the series to answer this question, but these answers are honestly a combination of vague familiarity and a wiki search. Which will become quickly apparent if the stages are only from games in which the PCs appeared.

A frustrating and annoying Super Monkey Ball stage.
A Castlevania stage, preferably based on a town from Simon's Quest. Srsly, how come there's not a Belmont in that lineup?
A Goldeneye stage.
A Dr. Mario stage.

friendship7 -- Which one of my drunk friends will clue my girlfriend in on my dirty little livejournal secret at an upcoming wedding in Chicago?

Now that you asked, maeincarnate.
Maybe if it were 2003 there would be odds worth taking. But LJ isn't the integral social focus it used to be.

friendship7 -- Subquestion: is it twisted that she doesn't already know?

Yes. I mean really, what are you hiding from her? A few posts from last year about the weather and how you liked riding in that Subaru?
No. People keep private journals, or journals independent of their significant others all the time. Journals with substance, normally, but private nevertheless.

I may or may not have expressed surprise at this same occurance during another holiday, but while shopping for Easter cards for my mom and grandmother, I discovered a bizarre subsection of the Easter card rack with category tabs reading "Easter: Love" or "Easter: Romance" and found before said tabs Easter cards with sexual innuendo. I sure can't think of a more appropriate time to spend $3.59 on a statement of lust. Like all greeting cards that don't feature fart jokes, they were lame. Can we do better? I think we can.

This Easter, don't worry about buying me a chocolate bunny. I'd much rather take a bite out of your ass.
Peeps: always sticky after you lick them and always better after they get a little hard. Thinking of you this Easter...
After all the Passion on Good Friday, I've decided to be more Christlike: I won't be rising again for 3 days.
Whatever shall we do with all this leftover mint jelly, my little lamb?

Honk if you don't give a fuck about all this LJ Basic Accounts drama bullshit:



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