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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1162003 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

htothem -- What is Jerry's (friendship7) secret?

The secret is not in the posts he's been making, but he's afraid that his girlfriend will see his poll answers and find out he knows who Chris March is, and that he has an opinion on a variety of Britney-related topics.
If she finds out his LJ username, she might find the other places he's been using that handle, and then she'd see all his Dawson's Creek fanfic.
He's afraid that when he admits he has kept a secret journal from her and that is all there is, she'll think there is a real salacious journal somewhere and she'll go searching through all his stuff to find it.
That he's one of us drooling, pasty-skinned, sinus-infection-prone LiveJournalers. If his girlfriend finds out, she might stop having teh sexxx with him.

observacious -- What are the kids into nowadays?

High School Musical, and its stars. Especially the brunette girl who's always showing up on the "Who Wore It Better" pages, and that elf boy with the round haircut.
Hannah Montana, which from what I can tell has to do with a girl who lives a double-life as a bubblegum pop star so she wears a wig when she goes to school and stuff but nobody recognizes her and she may or may not fight crime.
TV shows about dancing, dance "crews" and whether or not one believes he or she can dance.
Ordinary stuffed animals that you pay extra for so you can go online and play with an animated version of the toy you have in your hands.

sublimal -- The inventor of the Segway recently unveiled his new invention on the Colbert Report: a low-power water purifier for the third world. What will his next invention be? Man, this guy is all over the map. First a super fun but mostly useless toy, then a genuine, potentially problem-solving device. Let's say the pendulum swings back for his next invention:

A baby/toddler protection orb that uses similar technology to electric dog fences which scans the child's immediate surroundings for poison content, sharpness, or sudden topographical changes, and sends a notice to a monitor held by the parent.
A special weight-balancing device for purses, laptop bags and backpacks that detects when the weight of the bag is out of balance with the wearer's shoulder(s) and adjusts the balance on the strap to maximize ergonomic back support.
He just took the technology that makes those self-adjusting indoor/outdoor glasses/sunglasses and applied it to car windshields.
A solution for washing vegetables and other produce that both eliminates pesticide residue and contains an enzyme that helps enhance the body's absorption of the vitamins and minerals that exist in the item.

subbes -- New casino features/games/tables aimed to draw in the disaffected 20-something group.

25¢ Video FreeCell.
A low-stakes version of Texas Hold'em where every player is dealt a pair so they can all get that cool poker rush.
Replacing dog and horse tracks with cruelty-free "shoot water into the clown's mouth to fill up the water balloon" races.
Switch out the loud, uplifting and sometimes jolting congratulatory bells and sirens with a more subdued voice that gives an almost fatherly-sounding bit of praise when the game is won.

renob423 -- whats the bigger holiday st. patricks or easter? are cadberry eggs better than peeps? do you care how kfc kills your food? bigger waste of money - peta or pbs?

The best candy of the entire year comes at Easter. They're these candy-coated chocolate eggs that Hershey puts out. They're kind of like Kissables but the coating is less shiny and the chocolate/candy ratio is better.
My co-workers still do shots. Regularly. And most of them are over 24. It takes me by surprise every time we go out and after a few hours and a few beers someone gets the idea of having Jager shots or something. Really? Shots?
I love puzzle games, and when I spend $10 on XboX Live to buy one, I definitely feel like less of a lameass for playing it than some similar game on Yahoo, but then I'm hit with this guilt that I'm "wasting" my XboX playing something so simple.
The other day I found out that our new copiers also work as scanners and you can scan black and white documents at 300dpi as fast as you would make a copy of them. I think I startled the IT guy when I squealed and clapped after he told me this.

Some fucking cunt stole my wallet out of my (admittedly unlocked) gym locker on Tuesday. I discovered this when I went to buy coffee on Wednesday morning. All necessary parties have been notified and replacements for things replaceable are on their way. Fraudulent charges were made on more than one of my cards, but I will not be held responsible for them. The total amount charged is in the neighborhood of $1,425. Approximately 93% of the total was spent at:

Best Buy.

When I called to cancel my Macy's card, the customer service representative was the first of such operators I had spoken to all day who:

Pronounced my last name correctly.
Realized I wouldn't have my card number since I was reporting it stolen.
Apologized for my loss and hoped I would have a better day.
Didn't make me spell "Arlington".

Then, when I was confirming my address, he said he's always wanted to visit Arlington because he's always wanted to see the Arlington Cemetery because he thinks it was so interesting that in the Civil War, it was Washington's Brother's House or something [sic] and that it was awesome how Lincoln decided to bury the dead soldiers in his yard. Shortly thereafter, he asked me to confirm the city in which I was born, and when I gave the name, he said:

Oh yeah? My sister lives there right now! Right off that little downtown area, ya know, where the shops are and stuff? There's a Dunkin Donuts on that corner, and I love Dunkin Donuts. I can't find one around here but they should open more.
I used to live there as a kid, right behind the hospital. Yeah, one day when I was on my way to school I got my foot stuck in the mud wouldn'tchaknowit my entire Buster Brown shoe, ya know the kind with the buckle, got stuck in the mud.
Isn't that near where George Washington spent that winter? There's a park there where you can see all down the hills and where they would have been watching out for the British to come up even though it was a cold winter and everything.
Is that anywhere near where the Sopranos took place? Did you watch that show? I heard there are tours where you can go around and see some of the places they went to in that show. Have you ever been to any of them? Like that butcher shop?


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