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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1173232 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- Chicken Waffles = ?

Code for "we cook with 100% animal fat".
What one would think is a sweet and savory combination of Popeyes and Mrs. Butterworths, but in reality is the baffling union of high school cafeteria-style chicken parm patties and Elmer's Glue.
The origins of Philips Broadcasting.
Something else Illinois has that should compensate for your lack of Five Guys franchises.

eideteker -- What's your favorite tune by Peter Gabriel-era Genesis? If even after I go to their discography and I still don't recognize any of the song titles from the Peter Gabriel era, I'm not even going to try to fake it. What's your favorite bitchin' 80's Phil Collins-era Genesis tune?

Invisible Touch.
Land of Confusion.
In Too Deep.
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.

pooplord -- How deep is your love?

Deeper than you could fathom.
I haven't measured or anything, but with the right ruler, I think I could.
Deep like a beer. Like how the top that you see is just plain and foam, but underneath it's gold. 4am dorm drunk talk deep.
8 1/2 feet. Just deep enough to legally have a diving board.

trappedinabay -- An ex of mine is using a nickname I gave him for his new online business / storefront. We did not part on good terms, and I think the nickname should be buried in the yard with the rest of the scraps of our relationship. What should I do?

Sue for copyright infringement.
Sit back and watch gleefully as his dreams eventually blow up in his face. Like the time that guy I couldn't stand in high school got his ass chewed out by Howard Stern on the air.
Devote work downtime to submitting thinly veiled commentary about his faults in the form of scathing reviews of his products and services.
Realize that with this decision, he has to either lie to all current and future girlfriends about the origin of the name, or tell them the story of how you came up with it, and both he and they have to know the constant impact you have on his life.

absolutcalm -- Why is it that the most openly hated Spider-man piece, the Clone Saga, is still used in the Ultimate Series and the new cartoon show? Why continue the hate through new incarnations?? Why make all new audiences suffer?? Totally out-comic nerd classed on this one, I called in for backup from soarjubs and another dork friend of ours whose job blocks anything on the internet that may feature a bellybutton.

He's twice the Spider-Man he used to be.
Congrats Spider-Fans! You've BEN REILed up!
Four Web-Shooters. Two Poop Chutes. One Web Hammock.
It's so stupid because the Jackal couldn't possible have had the time to fast-grow another clone based on how long it took to grow the clone of Gwen Stacey plus why would he???? LOL!!!111

subbes -- An engineer's guide to children.

Running multiple programs with heavy memory demands will cause the child to suffer non-responsive systems. Shut down as many programs as possible, and reboot the child in "safe mode" whether on your lap or with a blankie and a comforting video.
Unlike computers, however, this is the optimal time to conduct hardware modifications. Plan unpleasant necessary activities such as fingernail clipping while the child is in safe mode and her RAM has been exhausted by the running tasks.
A toddler's firewall is weak and vulnerable, leaving the child susceptible to spyware bugs such as repeated curse words and mimicking behavior. These files can never be fully removed from the child's hard drive, merely relocated to hidden folders.
A child's OS works best with compatible programming, e.g. once a child learns "work" is a place a parent goes to for a while but always returns from, this term can be used to explain similar complicated situations to introduce new applications.

sublimal -- Will my question this week be followed by a paragraph long rant? What, just because like 3 out of your last 4 questions had commentary from me? The Segway one was more my surprise and I got burned for it in the comments. The Keanu as Ted one had an obvious answer. At least I didn't reduce them to a matchup, like I'm going to with this one : Johnny 5 vs. (a matching sized) R.O.B.:

Johnny 5.

renob423 -- i saw a car (mid 90's dodge) that said "in loving memory of (some kid) 1989 - 2002 - now i can fly" in the back window. if someone put you in a will, but you had to do a back window memorial for 10 years to get the $, what would your price be?

By the letter. I can't get all soft every time I have to airbrush an epitaph on the back of some late model compact car.
On a sliding scaled based on how much it cost to have the kid's name and birth/death dates tattooed on his mom's lower back.
All child memorial murals are free as long as I get to add the "Calvin Praying in the Shadow of the Cross" image.
At least $2,000. That mural has not only doubled the value of the car, but essentially indicates the owners expect the car will be in their lives for a long time. They know it's worth it.

Human Kleenex and zombie-lover Kendra Wilkinson wants to turn her love for Olive Garden food and admiration of Olive Garden waitresses into a Playboy spread. I guess nothing gets the guys in Playboy's Photoshop division more overtime than photos of chicks who get free pasta and breadsticks at work. How about other magazine/part-time job crossovers?

The Sports Illustrated pictorial The Athletes of EB Games.
Vogue's The Fashionistas of A.C. Moore.
The New Yorker's CVS Employee Essay Contest.
Cooking Light's special 4/20 insert: NORML's favorite recipes.


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