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We Goin' Sizzler

Tonight, Mick stopped by on his way home and we stepped out to Harris Teeter for some stuff. I was delightfully surprised by there being dried cranberries (otherwise known as Crazins)in the bulk food section and was able to replace the mealy apple I was planning on eating tomorrow.

After checking out, we spotted the new Elvis scratch-off tickets in the lotto vending machine. Mick went first, putting his two dollars in, only to discover that the Elvine tickets were sold out, so he picked up two "Poker Face" tickets instead. I got a "Barrel of Bugs" one and decided at the last minute to get a Poker Face one too. We got back to the car and scratched them off. As I'm scracthing my losing Barrel of Bugs ticket, I hear him saying "Queen? Curses." I get to my Poker Face card and scratch off the Dealer Card first (the goal of the game was to get any of the five players to beat the dealer card). When playing scratch-off games, a player must first scratch off the number to beat, then the prize amounts, then the playing numbers. This way, you start with the unreachables first and round off with the low amounts you might actually win.

My Dealer Card was a Two. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. All five of the players beat the card, so my card total came to ten bucks!

I dropped Mick off at his car and drove around to the parking lot. On the walk up to the building door, there is a small dumpster there for car trash and other assorted refuse. Tonight, the dumpster was closed with a small 9" monitor on top and a wig head/stand, with wig, sitting on top of the monitor.

I think that's a good sign.

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