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It's Friday Poll Time!

What is the meaning of this Friday Poll?

Poll #1188854 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

sublimal -- will my question be ignored for the fourth week in a row?

Keep cranking out duds like this one and it will.
Your questions have hardly been ignored. I've had to put in extra thought and effort to make them work. It's not easy polishing a turd.
A melange of sheetrock, Miracle Whip, and Pilsbury Crescent Rolls. Baked with love.

eideteker -- What's up with subbes not actually asking questions? You should drop the hammer on that shit. While she's not following the letter of the law, she is within the spirit: her statements are not simple opinions or rants, they're subjects for clever lists. In short, I'll allow it. Also, if you had to choose: freewill or rigid determinism?

Free will.
Since I'm destined to become obscenely rich with minimal effort, reap the reards of all of my good behavior while being exempted from the consequences of the bad and enjoy life and love indefinitely, I choose determinism. The more rigid, the better.

htothem -- What kind of alcohol should I be consuming on a cruise?

The kind the limbo stick holder pours freely into your waiting open mouth.
The kind you snuck onboard in your suitcase or back on in your purse after your first port of call.
The kind that takes way too much effort to concoct at home; the kind that you would be too embarrassed to ever order in a bar on land.

absolutcalm -- Could you possibly come up with a lamer scandal than Miley Cyrus's Vanity Fair shoot (PS: did you know her name isn't actually Miley? It's Destiny. She has a fake name AND an alter ego!)

Known vegetrian and PETA Pet Drew Barrymore is caught by the papparazzi wearing a faux fur with pleather trim. PETA disowns the no-longer-20-something starlet, saying her sporting animal fashion, even imitation pieces, propagates the cruel clothing biz.
Confessions of an addict: following the 2003 tiger mauling that nearly ended his life, Roy Horn admits to daily painkiller use and claims he still relies on the drugs to get through the mundane tasks of life.
Made up stuff aside, the Destiny Cyrus preteen slumber party pics she posted on her MySpace.
Another real one: Hispanic people taking offense to Jango Fett.

ccjohn -- If I acquire a device that is a Wii-Wii, when I vicariously play with myself playing vicariously, should the game be rated Mature or Mature-Mature?

Wii-Wii Wireless Controllers: now with variable vibration intensity and a washable cover!
The other day on the train I saw a guy playing with his PSPP.
Wii-Wii: rated E for Existential.
You thought World of Warcraft was bad. Once somebody gets their hand on a Wii-Wii, they'll never leave the house.

pooplord -- Non-spicy Thai food. Is there any point, really?

To provide soothing oral contrast to the spicy foods. What would spicy Thai food be without sweet soothing coconut rice?
So you can taste Thai food and not Thai burning.
Seeing as modern food sanitation standards are higher than those in Thailand when the traditions of super-spicy food was born, it is no longer necessary to mask contamination, hasten digestion, and combat bacteria which such spiciness.
I couldn't tell ya. If Thai food doesn't make my scalp sweat, it's not worth my time.

subbes -- Inappropriate wedding favors.

Condom-shaped gummi candies with the bride and groom's names and the wedding date on the packet.
A mix CD featuring Destiny's Child's Jumpin' Jumpin', Blu Cantrell's Oops!, Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around...Comes Around, Shaggy's It Wasn't Me, and No Doubt's Don't Speak.
Coupons for the stores at which the couple is registered.
A pair of Jack Daniels airplane bottles tied together like wedding bells.

renob423 -- today the light in the bathroom went out, who will replace it 1st me or my roomate and how long will it be until 1 of us caves?

You. Based on my limited interaction with you, I think you're pretty oblivious to things like burnt out light bulbs.
Your roommate. Given how long you stuck with the random nonsense questions schtick, you've got to be one stubborn bastard. He'll cave way before you do.

renob423 -- now that gta4 is out, how do you punk ass bitches who bought a wii justify the $200 dollars you wasted on that shitty system

Wow, you sure showed me. I'll get started on that justification right away. Will 500 works suffice?
Like anybody who planned on playing GTA4 doesn't have a Wii in addition to a 360 (or a PS2.1).

I'm going to run a short module for the nerds for the next few weeks. I've narrowed it down to a few choices. Based on the titles alone, which should I run?

The Sinister Secret of Whiterock.
The Scaly God.
The Haunted Lighthouse.
Revenge of the Rat King.

Last week while in Vegas, I worked diligently to expand my collection of hooker cards. I received two new favorites, one featuring a girl massaging another girl's enormous fake cans from behind ala a Vanity Fair shoot, and the other a girl with a tramp stamp in some sort of sporty outfit kneeling in front of a soccer goal. To my delight, I got another copy of my alltime favorite Vegas hooker card: a girl sort of upside down next to a hot tub, with her knees on the edge of the tub and her elbows propped on the step, while another girl licks her asshole. I got one of these back in 2003, when their names were different but they were still a package deal of two for $77. Whoever they are, that picture was taken at least seven years ago. Where are they now?

Somewhere under the desert where nobody will ever find them.
Waiting around at the offices of vegasgirls2u for some caller to be a little less than specific in his hooker requests.
Quickly wearing out their welcome on the clinic circuit. Vegas has 'em all: from abortion to methadone!
After rescuing-right-back the successful venture capitalist who would be their final client, they lived the perfect upper-class life until they realized they married a guy who picks up cheap hookers, and divorced him for half of what he's worth.


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