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Now really, what *would* Jesus do?

Sparky and I were instant messaging yesterday and through a bizarre tangent in a conversation about the movie Peggy Sue Got Married, we got onto the topic of those WWJD bracelets.

The first time I was ever exposed to those things was while waiting tables at an Applebees in North Carolina during the summer of 1997. I noticed a young girl wearing one, and asked her what it was all about, as I had been seeing them everywhere. She explained that whenever you are faced with a dilemma or decision, think What Would Jesus Do, and it will help guide you to the right choice. My response was, "so as opposed to What Would Keith Richards Do?". She didn't think it was as funny as I did, nor did she listen to my protests, because she gave me the bracelet anyway, telling me that if I didn't want to wear it, spread the Word and give it to someone else. I gave it to a stoner busboy who thought I was just "super-chill" for doing so.

Quite unlike the girl, Sparky enjoyed the story and proposed, "The WWJD one can really fail at critical points. There are plenty of times where we (not being the scions of a divine being) are incapable of doing what Jesus would REALLY do. For instance: You run into a bunch of homeless starving vagabonds. WWJD? Probably some cliche food-creation miracle. You? More likely to get mugged. I mean lepers? Do you think I'd touch one? Christ, no." We fired possible situations in which one couldn't really do what Jesus would do, including if you were at a wedding and there was no more alcohol. Jesus would turn water into wine. You'd have to go to the ABC. And don't even think about walking across that water.

Needless to say, this went on for some time.

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