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It's Friday Poll Time!

Friday Poll? Explain this to me immediately!

Poll #1200381 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

observacious -- Speaking of Shia LeBeuf and de-aging, is it just me or does she REALLY look different than she did on The Cosby Show?

Hard to believe someone whose acting chops varied from "it's not women's work" to "two-dimensional feminism" could pull off Shakespeare.
Transformers would have been a whole lot different, that's for sure.
Shia LeBeuf's career and Sondra's role on the Cosby Show are eerily similar: both appeared out of nowhere and we were all supposed to act like they've been important all along.
How many of her interior design business customers user her services just for the kook factor of having your home designed by a Cosby kid?

eideteker -- Gay? That is so lame. What kind of dumb idiot uses a term for a specific marginalized section of humanity as a pejorative? And what does tongue in cheek mean, anyway? It's impossible to talk that way! Also, please fill in the blank: ____________.

The handicapped population has really got to get on the ball with this. Everybody gets all upset when something bad is "gay" but sure, go right ahead and call it "lame".
It refers to the face people make when they're suggesting or imitating a blowjob.
I'm sure gays everywhere are grateful you've expressed offense for them. It really shows your solidarity and willingness to get upset about something that affects someone else. You should be getting your thank-you card in the mail next week.
The mute population has really got to get on the ball with this. Everybody Everybody gets all upset when something bad is "gay" but sure, go right ahead and call it "dumb".

eideteker -- Also, please fill in the blank: ____________.

Enough already with the renob423esque questions.

absolutcalm -- Why does renob423 hate correct spelling? My Window's tells me when I'm fucking up and scolds me for it with a red line so I can fix it. I mean, forhead? Seriously?

He doesn't hate spelling. Spelling mistakes, like subtle (or not-so-subtle) cues from your peers that your question theme has gotten tiresome, simply go unnoticed by him.
He needed to get rid of that superfluous e to fit his latest masterpiece in the character limit.
Renob isn't bound by our "rules". He plays the game his way, wavy line slaps be damned.
If I were going to write a question busting on someone's spelling, I would make absolutely sure my punctuation was correct in it.

ccjohn -- Where do the Strokes pump gas now? Is the urge to punch that Casablancas kid in the face inherent in mammals & if so, why's he not bleeding?

Any gas station more than 200 feet from Drew Barrymore.
Pumping gas is what all the cool "edgy" guys in my high school did so they could get the jumpsuit with their name on it and prove the didn't give a damn about society and pick up chicks. And freeze their asses off in the winter.
Wow, you knew his name. I had no idea.
There's an inherent urge to punch any of those types of guys in the face. I'm surprised a black eye isn't just part and parcel with the skinny black jeans and dirty hair Brooklyn look.

mac -- Whats the best lunch time getaway from work (submitted on behalf of Sumner)

If you live close enough to work, jetting home for some of Comedy Central's mid-afternoon old comedy timeslot.
I like to go to the gym at lunch. It's a better use of the time, and gets me through the afternoon much more easily.
Getting some errands done.
One that won't get me fired? Fuck if I know.

subbes -- How do I get rid of this headache?

Excedrin. It's the headache medicine.
With a god stern dicking.
You already accepted his proposal. It's a little late to talk about that now.

pooplord -- I just tried to answer the poll and got a "connection timed out" error. Where did my data go? Suggested answers: to the land of lost left socks, secretly emailed to my entire company, ...? Questions are your job. Answers are mine. So we'll go with your "bonus question": what did I find in my mom's under-sink bathroom cabinet while I was doing a little clean-out this weekend?

Ketosis testing strips. Lol, remember that Atkins thing?
The September 2000 issue of Washingtonian.
A half-eaten sleeve of Saltines.

htothem -- If I'm going to spend a million dollars on a house, it better have...? Please check all that apply:

A pool.
A full bathroom for each bedroom and a half bathroom on the main floor and in the finished rec-room basement.
A huge awesome kitchen with stainless steel appliances, an island with an extra prep sink, double-oven, granite countertops and a gas range with an indoor grill.
One of those sinks that looks like a bowl on the counter with a pipe coming out of the wall, a multiple-head shower and a jacuzzi tub.
At least 1000 feet between me and the nearest person who doesn't also reside in my million-dollar home.

renob423 -- what is more trailortrash than those bullethole stickers that dickwads put on their cars?

Stickers of Calvin pissing on something, like a number or an automobile logo.
Stickers of Calvin kneeling and praying in front of a cross.
Manicures with rhinestones.

renob423 -- and whats the dumbest tattoo you've ever seen on someone in real life (no celeberties on tv or internet pictures). I love my friend Todd, and while on paper he seems like a really hateable guy, he's a truly genuine friend, with all of the good qualities you want in the people around you. However, he has some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen. He loves them all, no matter how stupid or ill-advised they may seem to a normal person, and has absolutely no regrets about any of them, insisting even the most unfortunate or poorly placed ones were a good idea. The following are all tattoos of Todd's.

In a circle around his knee are the words "SAY GOODNIGHT". He says he likes it because it's the last thing somebody will see before they pass out after he knees them in the face.
Scattered within the sleeve on his left arm are the blue faces of dead babies. The baby face closest to his wrist is the most recently dead, and as they get closer to his shoulder, depict the same baby face after a few more weeks of decay.
In scrawly script across his neck, from ear-to-ear in a sort of upturned crescent, reads "XXX STRAIGHT EDGE XXX" (ala Jeffrey Sebelia).
On his calf is an oni demon in samurai armor holding a flag. Which is fine, but there's a swastika on the flag. Todd gets all mad that anyone might not realize it's pointing the "other way", but seriously dude, you've got a swastika on your leg.

i can has cheeseburger definitely has it's funny moments. But nothing crushes the funny faster than when they "explain" why the picture is funny. Like this. A certain elitism is what makes cultural references so fun. If you don't get the reference, you don't deserve to laugh. And for god's sake, if you didn't realize that kid looks like Annakin Skywalker, where the fuck have you been? Did we really have to explain these:

Christina Ricci cat disapproves of pink thing Seriously, her freaking name is in there. Google her your damn self if you don't know what she looks like.

A popular lawn decoration in my hometown is a simple green sign with white lettering that says IMPEACH HIM. Two things strike me as hilarious about these signs:

Absent of a proper object, the capitalized pronoun "Him" usually refers to God or Jesus.
The people who put these signs up clearly don't understand what impeachment is or what's involved in it.


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