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It's [Thursday] Poll Time!

Happy Holiday Weekend! Here's a poll for your pseud-Friday enjoyment!

I demand to know what this Friday Poll is.

Poll #1217129 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

subbes -- What dessert should I serve?

Whatever it is, unless it's chocolate, don't waste your time.
Cookies, cupcakes, petite-fours; something small so people can enjoy a few of each flavor.
If sitcoms and commercials have taught me anything, you should buy a cake or pie from the store and then put it on one of your own dishes and claim you baked it. Hijinx!
Make a many-tiered complicated vertical dish with drizzles and coulis-es, but have the main ingredient be a Little Debbie cake.

absolutcalm -- Vern Troyer Sex Tape.

I'm not sure if this is the proper spelling, but yurrrruerrrrgh.
Where the hell is Midget Mac's sex tape?
I really didn't have to see the tongue. Really. I would trade a peek at his wiener if it meant erasing the image of his tongue out of my mind.
Other than the $25,000 what does Ranae Shrider think she's going to get out of this? A record deal? A sitcom?

coldblackncold -- It is 2008 and I still do not have answers to the following questions: Why is American Dad on the air? Is it supposed to be funny? What clown gave this the green light? Where are the jokes? Has Paul Lynde's corpse stopped turning over?

For a while I thought it was MacFarlane making a statement about how pathetic the TV industry is when as long as you've had a successful show before, any halfassed mirror image of it you vomit out will get on the air. But I'm not so sure anymore.
Then I thought he was making fun of how any stab at Bush, Republicans, or traditional values, no matter how overdone, uninspired, or unfunny becomes an instant hit with anyone who likes to think they're antiestablishment. Even less likely.
The show is a cash cow for Fox. They don't have to pay MacFarlane to write anything. All they do is take the bits and pieces edited out of Family Guy, and have an intern do a Ctl+H to switch "Peter" with "The guy who looks like an ambulatory Joe".
Of all the scripted television shows to survive not only the networks' first-year trigger finger, but to stay on the air for three entire years in the tempest of reality TV (colon, it's complicated), THIS makes it? The Tick gets nine episodes?

pooplord -- Didn't I tell you to go to VolksWerks? You did, the morning after I picked my car up from the first clump of work. I'll try them next time. Better commercial scheme:

Unpimp the Auto.
We love the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs!

eideteker -- What other tiredass subjects are you bored with? I can't really think of any. You guys do a great job of keeping things lively and varied. But when I do think of something I'm tired of, I'll be sure to be vocal about it. I am, however, tired of other non-Poll subjects, including:

Non-celebrity Disney actors from straight-to-video childrens' movies flooding the pages of gossip mags and sites. See also: the blonde girl with the enormous chin and that creepy guy with she's with.
Article after article of people interviewed at Whole Foods bitching about the horrible economy citing examples like "I can't afford organic soy milk for all of my children anymore."
The Olympics. Already.
Trans Fats.

What tiredass subject are you bored with?

Also on the topic of tiredass subjects, most played-out lolcat joke:

Ceiling/Basement cat.
Anything about bukkits.
I has a flavor.

observacious -- Since there is a Lego Secret Vault, what other products should/may have secret vaults?

Powdered beverage mix packets (including all flavors and package designs of Kool-Aid and Wygler's).
TV show/movie/toy-themed cereals.
M.U.S.C.L.E. Men.
Every Clinique Bonus Gift package ever offered.

renob423 -- why does comfest suck so much ass? why will i probably go anyway? is it better or wose than the canfield fair? how does it compare to vexfest? whats better 1 big fest or like 8 crappy church fests all spread out over the beginning of summer?

Because it was started, and apparently seems to still be run by fart-huffing hippies (who haven't figured out how to compress their 48MB festival program pdf).
The Canfield Fair looks bad. ass. Demolition Derby, Tractor Pull and Skynyrd? And somehow this compares to Comfest's Sunday Morning "Drum Calling"?
Vexfest looks pretty fun. But also like something that's big enough to have a real website that actually explains it. But still, no comparison to the Canfield Fair's Goat Milk Fudge auction.
Spread out. It seems like there's more going on that way.

haveyaseenlucky -- I'm going to see this for free today. How much will I be annoyed? "In this unique portrait from the late 1970s, Helen Frankenthaler is filmed in her studio with friends and colleagues, and at New York's Emmerich Gallery with her work."

It sounds like watching an entire movie of the "hanging out with her sycophantic heroin-addict artsy friends" scenes from High Art without the burden of narrative.
A self-aware Grey Gardens with no camp appeal. In other words, excruciating.
The only films I want to see about artists in the late 70's who are 10 years past their prime involve tons and tons of blow. Helen Frankenthaler's work screams "barbituates".
As annoyed as any free movie should make you: only as annoyed as it takes to fall asleep or leave. It's not like you have anything invested in it.


My preferred coffee of choice.
0(0.0%)'s convenient, and where my co-workers usually want to go when I go with them for coffee. Plus I usually have at least one gift certificate I got lying around.
I object to Starbucks on some moral highground issue.
I object to Starbucks because their coffee tastes like shit and is too damned expensive.

Most annoying habit of the general public:

People who have to pause before they step onto or off of an escalator. Seriously, you haven't gotten the hang of escalators yet?
People who get onto an elevator and then stand right up against the buttons blocking anyone else getting on from pressing them.
People who come to a near or complete stop before turning right.
People who stand on line at a takeout restaurant and then get to the front and still have no idea what they want.

It's the day before a long holiday weekend:

The office is going to be dead. Nobody's around and I'm not going to get anything productive done anyway. I take the day off.
The office is going to be dead. Nobody's around and I'm not going to get anything productive done anyway. I come in, save the vacation time, take a long lunch and/or skip out early.

This 4th of July, I have:

Awesome plans for some sort of barbeque and fireworks and whatever else.
Totally dropped the ball.


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