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It's [Monday] Poll Time!

Sorry about the delay, Pollketeers. I got unexpectedly sick on Friday and was laid out most of the weekend. I guess this uses up all the goodwill I earned for posting a day early on 4th of July weekend:

Poll #1234997 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

haveyaseenlucky -- Why do we park in a driveway and drive in a ... actually no, when I was kid, the best place to buy Wacky Packages was Zayre. Where did YOU buy them?

Cumberland Farms (or if you didn't grow up in Northern New Jersey, whatever your local convenience store was).
Ben Franklin/McCrory's/Woolworth's or other "Five and Dime" store which even when we were kids seemed like a misnomer.
The supermarket impulse-buy rack at the checkout line.

absolutcalm -- which is creepier: Monkey-face pig or no face cat? There is no god.

Monkey-face pig.
No face cat.

twicketface -- What's with those people who are allergic to WiFi? I assumed this was some sort of metaphor, but on a whim, I googled it and learned it's literal: There are people in the world who think they are allergic to WiFi.

When this woman realized the solution to her problem was to insulate her home with tin foil, did she stop to think, "holy shit, I'm not just crazy, I'm iconically crazy."
They know the thought of aliens watching them from outer space or the FBI tracking their movement with microwaves is downright insane. But there's got to be some reason why all these ambient signals is bad.
Unusual allergies are the new hotness. If peanuts, once a daily staple of the childhood diet can suddenly become the allergy du jour, why can't people be allergic to other ubiquitous things?
These people need to be forced to serve on the Peace Corps. Relocation to a technology-free zone should alleviate their symptoms, and after seeing some actual real-life hardship for one year, they should find the allergy completely cured.

eideteker -- Where did renob get the idea I was talking about his multi-part questions and not my own? Should I be concerned? Do I need to send him flowers or something? And did you see that wrecked cakes site? What was your favorite? I assume you mean this one?

pooplord -- I guess with not knowing about Units or Multiples, I've just proven I'm a card-carrying member of Generation Y. Please choose the insult you'd most like to sling at me and the rest of my pathetic generation.

I bet you guys don't even remember Wacky Packages. What, did you think stoners came up with those T-shirts that play on corporate logos on their own?
Shut up and reminisce about the Power Rangers.
How many Swatches were you able to fit on your arm? Oh...that's right.
Back before your mom let you watch MTV, the Real World was actually pretty good.

renob423 -- the other day someone whistled at a girl i work with. she said "thats so fucking creepy, what a douchebag". what is creepiest thing guys confuse w/ flirting?

The wide-eyed, head-tilted stare.
Referring to a woman by some term usually used for mothers.
Making kissy noises, or some other clicking-type sound.
Upon figuring out a topic that interests us, doing whatever they can to prove they know more about it than we do.

And as a reward for posting a decent cluster of questions: renob423 -- you know how som guys hit on every girl they see, why don't any girls hit on every guy they see?

Guys play the numbers game: the more vibes you send out, the more likely it is for one of them to land. And women...well, women know this.
We are. Guys are usually oblivious.
It's a complicated extension of the innate passivity of heterosexual female sexuality. There are few aspects of sex that women initiate. Most sexual acts happen to them; requiring action, or at least physical readiness on the part of the man.
Guys hit on every hot girl they see. If they started hitting on every girl they saw, they'd get laid more and wouldn't have to hit on as many girls.

I was watching Chelsea Lately this weekend and she said that In Touch magazine did a poll asking their readers if they think Lindsay Lohan is really gay. Apparently, there are people out there who think she is. What about you, dear pollsters?

100% genuinely gay.
To quote the commentator on the show, "She's as gay as Tom Cruise is straight."

And for the Runway viewers: Blaine?

The bugeyed thing he did to the Betty Page girl was a little creepy but otherwise he's pretty spunky.
Give it up with this Girlicious shit. Christian's magic was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Your ass isn't getting on Ugly Betty.


I gotta agree with Suede. Suede is ROCKIN'!
Sude really needs to take a page from Disco Stu and rethink the advertising. And the blue microhawk.


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