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It's Friday Poll Time!

It's Friday, so you know what that means, right? Do you?

Poll #1237280 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

absolutcalm -- I think that the show Herman's Head needs a remake and a re-boot along the lines of Battlestar Galactica: what other silly shows could use some dark realism to make it kick ass?

ALF: the cultural relationship between a feline-devouring alien species and the suburban human family whom he has subjugated. See also: Mork & Mindy.
Friends: the trials and tribulations of a 20-something coffee shop waitress, her sous chef roommate, and their struggling actor and low-level corporate manager neighbors living in a 2000 square foot Greenwich Village apartments.
Land of the Lost: a family finds themselves stranded in a prehistoric environment populated with humanoid insects, lizard people, and Neanderthals. Can they survive long enough to figure out a way home?
Night Court: the dregs of humanity that stumble their way into the legal system's answer to the all-nite Elvis Wedding Chapel and the drunken shell of a man who determines their fate.

pooplord -- Which are worse: summer colds or winter colds?

Summer Colds. Discomfort + Miserable Heat = double misery.
Winter Colds. Discomfort + Miserable Cold = double misery.

eideteker -- Does chocolate make other people poo? Or is this just tied in to my peanut allergy and the whole legume thing (since chocolate comes from beans)? Coffee makes me poo and it also comes from beans, but I'm not allergic to legumes. Which of the following (you may choose more than one) things make you poo?

Ice Cream

For shits and giggles, tell us some other unusual things that make you go poo.

haveyaseenlucky -- So everyone likes chocolate and most like peanuts, and chocolate covered peanuts taste good. WHY DOES MR. GOODBAR taste so awful and who still buys them (nobody) so why are they still crapping up the bags of hershey's miniatures everywhere?

They spent all the money and time on the Mr. Goodbar costumes for the characters at Hershey Park that they couldn't just get rid of the bar altogether.
It's a masterful ploy to get us to buy more Miniatures. There's only Mr. Goodbars left, so you eat them. Then you get a taste for them, but you can't just buy a Mr. Goodbar, you have to get more Miniatures. It worked for Special Dark, didn't it?
Mr. Goodbar peanuts are the Spam of the candy world. They're not shopped up pieces of peanut, there those little peanut joint nubbin things that are between the peanut halves. The rest of the peanut went into good candy.
The Hershey bar is like a masterpiece painting, the Mona Lisa, if you will. Mr. Goodbar is like if DaVinci drew a necklace on her. Even if the extra thing is normally good, art is about knowing when to stop.

renob423 -- alright, so you know how there are birds here and birds in africa but they look different and don't know about eachother? are there other humans in other solar systems that look like us - but different, like maybe another finger or they are green.

What if C A T really spelled "dog"?
I'm not sure the existence of birds from continent to continent is sufficient evidence to support the existence of human beings on other planets, but it's a start.
The only things birds seem to be aware of are anything small and crumb-shaped which may or may not be edible. Maybe we don't know about these other humans because they're as stupid as birds.
Or maybe on this other planet, birds use the internet and humans run around with missing toes brainlessly scavenging for food.

coldblackncold -- Where is the talent for this season of Project Runway? As usual, I'm watching the most recent episode tomorrow morning, so I may be a step behind on elims. no spoilers plz.

The Vargas girl whose name I always forget.
Kelli, the blonde with the tattoo sleeve.
The mousy big-glasses girl.
To make sure that for god's sake after 5 years a woman wins a contest about women's fashion, they threw in the worst guys they could find. How else can we explain Suede, Blayne, the shower curtain guy, the popped collar guy, or that weirdo Keith?

coldblackncold -- Also, what is the deal with FrankenCher?

I know nothing of this FrankenCher. Google knows nothing of it either. I don't think it exists.
Are you talking about how she has had lots of plastic surgery? What is this, 1987?
Though we don't want to think about it, Cher will die someday. We have to prepare now for a world without her.
Are they selling Cher parts or something? Can anybody get a Cheroplasty?

When I see somebody with a personalized license plate that's something like B8B8B8B or Q00Q00Q, I think:

Man, what a BADASS. It's like he's in the Cannonball Run or something! No stupid pig cop will ever get that plate number right when he blows right past them!
He should also put a bumper sticker on that says "Pull me over. Even if I'm not doing something ticketworthy now, I'm planning to."

The other day, I was talking to a friend and he was telling me how the gay guys in his office are all pumped about the Olympics and that they're going to China for it and shit. He asked if I knew the Olympics are gay, and I said if he means they're gay in that they're the lamest shit ever, then yes I knew that, but I didn't know the Olympics were the good kind of gay. I guess it makes sense. Did you know the Olympics are a gay phenom?

How could you not? Over-the-top spectacle, perfect human specimens and sports based on the opinions of others: did you need a diagram?
I remember that swimmer guy being gay or something but I didn't realize it had become like Superman.

I feel like we talk about the Olympics way too much for something that sucks so hard (sorry gay folks). Of all the things that suck about the Olympics, what sucks the most?

All the Olympics-themed shit everywhere.
Having to pretend to be interested in hearing about last night's track race or whateverthefuck after you told your coworker that you didn't watch it.
Olympics-themed commercials. Go for the Gold at our Olympic-sized mattress event!
That when you think about it, even some of the objective sports are up to chance. If the top 10 best runners in the world are all within hundredths of a second of each other, isn't it just luck?


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