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It's Friday Poll Time!

Friday Poll? I wanna play!

Poll #1246452 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

pooplord -- (do not read while eating) Last Friday night I violently barfed and pooped my sushi dinner 20 minutes after eating it. Does the "consuming undercooked foods may cause whatever" clause on the menu excuse a restaurant from safe food handling regulations?

Maybe not, but you have to think any time you're eating raw fish more than 100 miles of where it was caught you're rolling the dice.
Legally? Probably. But it's not like you can prove anything - your evidence is floating somewhere in the Potomac.
Do they really have to put that on a sushi menu? Are there asterisks next to every item?
While it may not excuse bad food handling practices, it does lure the chefs into a false sense of security knowing the blame is preventively shifted off of them somewhat, and may lead to bad knife or cutting board cleaning habits.

I'm pretty sure I posted a few years ago how my idiot coworker got all upset because someone was talking about baby poop while she was eating a piece of cake. The whole "omg I'm eating don't talk about ___ " routine really gets under my skin. It really combines the awesome quality of needing to turn any conversation back onto you with an endearing dose of superiority. I have two theories on how the mere mention of something unpleasant can jeopardize the appeal of something delicious you're eating. You decide which is more correct:

The person is so easily manipulated that the power of suggestion can trump reality.
The person has such an active and overwhelming imagination that simply thinking of an unpleasant thing brings it to life.

observacious -- Did Vitamin K seem to come out of nowhere? The fact that it's not actually potassium goes against my dim recollections of chemistry. My chemistry memories say Vitamin K only comes from kale and steak, but I could be thinking of iron. Vitamins and foods are always popping up out of nowhere and becoming the latest nutritionist headline. Which of the following groups gave the largest payoff in the history of magic food?

The Organization of Pomegranate Producers (you down with OPP?) masterful slogan, "Pomegranates: not just for dried floral arrangements!" caught the world by storm in 2004.
We all thought the Consolidated Oat Bran Research Association disbanded in 1989, but the truth is they simply went underground to re-emerge and reorganize under their new mission: promoting the lowly flax seed.
Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't Lipton or the Chinese government behind the recent tea craze, but the makers of tiny staples.
Nothing will ever beat the tangled web of bribery and kickbacks the International Pine Nut Union wove back in 2000.

absolutcalm -- If you think that Seth is freaky for being 26, look at the fat dude from Superbad-- he's actually in his fifties. On a similiar note, how does Will Ferrell's Frat Pack sleep at night, with the rise of the Apatow Stoners?

On a gigantic mattress stuffed with receipts from Old School DVD sales.
With their lips still wrapped suggestively around the neck of a Miller Lite bottle.
In the kind of deep, dream-filled sleep that comes with knowing you're only going to get in so much trouble with the nannycensor types when your comedy schtick revolves around legal drugs.
They don't sleep. They haven't stopped working. Either they're unthreatened by the new Comedy Overlords or they haven't even noticed.

eideteker -- "Is it wrong that anymore..." What? Seriously? Dude, if you don't have a question, take the week off. Seriously. Worse: dickholes who wait until the very last second to try to merge in without a turn signal or the spineless enablers who let them do it?

Last-second merging dickholes.
Pussy enablers.

renob423 -- i just watched new jack city this weekend. in reality who would win in that scene where ICE MOTHER FUCKIN T gets in a fistfight with wesley snipes?

1991 Wesley Snipes could beat just about anybody in a fistfight.

renob423 -- and did this movie officially kill ice's street cred? Based on his IMDB, I'm thinking no. One of these movies officially killed his street cred:

Tank Girl.
Johnny Mnemonic.
Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood.
3000 Miles to Graceland.

renob423 -- what was ice's best album (including bodycount)? Christ, I don't know.

Hey, I gave him two sets of real answers. That's pretty good, right?
Don't encourage him.

Anybody who knows what Ice T's best album (including bodycount) was, please fill in the blank.

haveyaseenlucky -- Michael Phelps - Baltimore Celebrity. So, What John Waters movie/role can we expect for him?

If somebody's going to redo Rocky Horror Picture Show, I hope it would be John Waters. And you need a swimmer more than an actor to have a good Rocky.
Crab Trap: A quirky story about an awkwardly attractive Baltimore lesbian (Natasha Lyonne) who finds herself helplessly drawn to a crab fisherman (Phelps). She's been happy eating clam her whole life...can she make the switch?
Twerps: Fraternity brothers at UMD are the victims of a wave of pranks, ranging from embarrassing to health-code violating. Phelps is Marlon Atwater, the Chi Upsilon brother determined to find the pranksters and get revenge.
We won't. The days of Wacky Waters Baltimoricana are over. Hairspray is making him more money than he's ever seen and the man isn't getting any younger.

The most recent management company to take over my apartment building (there have been three since I moved in 8 years ago) has been making a whole bunch of "upgrades" recently. They're all pretty stupid, but one has to be the dumbest:

They're tearing out the extra parking lot to put in a tennis court. Even though there's a public court across the street and the site is exactly where a tennis court stood until 2002 when it was replaced with parking because nobody plays tennis.
They now allow residents to have pets. Apparently, after counting the cockroaches, vandals and squatters, they figured there aren't enough animals in the building.
All record of the drainage problem in the back lot must have been erased when the last management company fixed it in 2005, leading these guys to believe it's a good idea to tear up all of the bushes on the hill from which the runoff was streaming.
They're converting the management office/lounge area in the lobby into a Cyber Cafe. That's right. A Cyber Cafe.

This morning, I left my apartment to find a copy of the latest yellow pages tome resting against my door.

lol, yellow pages.


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