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It's Friday Poll Time!

Friday: what the mailroom guy has been looking forward to all week. How about you participate in our nice poll to celebrate?

Poll #1267397 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

pooplord -- How long will it take my "band" to get to NYC? leaving West Falls Church at 2:45 on a Friday. I will update next week.

Depends on whether you count "getting there" as crossing the city line or when you take your bags out of the car. You'll probably be in the tunnel between 7:30 and 8. The rest depends on where you park.
If it was last Friday, a nice sunny day, it probably took about 5hours 15minutes. Today's rain should bring that right into the neighborhood of seven hours.
According to "that guy" who always thinks things take no time to get to and try to tell you shit like "Baltimore is a half-hour away", 3 hours, tops.
If you had some sort of hovercar or left at 3am, you could get to NYC in about 4hrs. Add 20 mins for the 270/495 split, 30 for the Baltimore Tunnel, 15 for the MD Fuck You toll, 15 for the Delaware Cocksuck toll, 25 for the Turnpike/495 bullshit...

eideteker -- If you have a bathroom with a window (or have had), do you prefer to shower with the lights on, or shower in the natural light of the sun?

If I'm showering after sunrise or before sunset; if it's sunny enough to light the room, the shower curtain isn't so opaque that light won't come in and the window is big enough to light the bathroom, I'll use natural light.
Lights on.

When you shower, do you keep the bathroom door open (even just a crack) or keep it closed?


After you get out of the shower, do you normally find yourself feeling hot or cold?


absolutcalm -- How many ways would Sarah Palin sex up the White House with her cougarness (this isn't really political, she's a cultural figure at this point! Go Obama!) I wonder what that makes him then.

Organizing the MILFs Against MILF group.
Instituting a sexy new glasses mandate for the White House Library.
Offering all foreign dignitaries a nice cigar to enjoy during their meetings.
Moving Bristol into the Lincoln Bedroom. Heyooo!!!

And now, for his annual question: chrishaas -- How was your birthday?

Oh crap, it was her birthday?
Fantastic, thank you.
Sadly, at 31, it just seemed like a day. I have a feeling this is the future of birthdays.
I got flowers, and a Wii Fit, and Lego Batman and a gift certificate and cards and stuff.

coldblackncold -- According to the commercial, the members of SHeDAISY, Kristyn, Kelsi, and Kassidy, enjoy their Sleep Number beds, which are covered in white sheets... Is this a cosmic coincidence or a subliminal KKK message?

The KKK part is a coincidence, but the white sheets were used to signify the girls' chaste virginity.
How is a sleep number bed really going to benefit three country-singing siblings? You can only program two different numbers in it.
Therein lies the danger of giving country music the apathy it deserves. Shit like this is going on all across America and nobody could care less about it. Carrie Underwood? KKK is written all over this.
I had to wiki SHeDaisy. Does that make me coolly detached or out of touch?

renob423 -- who's the bigger asshole, someone who still has a bush/chenney 04 bumper sticker or someone with a kerry/edwards 04 one? too political? Hey man, whatever. The rule is there to protect the hypersensitive. I guess I can't shield them forever.

Bush/Cheney sticker. "Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. Keep crying, bitches."
Kerry/Edwards sticker. "My guys lost and I'm still bitter about it." -or- "Don't Blame Me, I Voted Kerry would be passe, so I'm going with this."

renob423 -- i have a back up. whats the best product for your sac when you get jock itch?

Gold Bond.
Some sort of spray.
A goddamned shower, for christ's sake.
Boxer briefs.

How important is the weather forecast to you?

I check the weather religiously, and plan my life accordingly. The weather conditions are an important factor in my mood as well.
It's nice to know, but I'm not really impacted either way.
I could care less.

Frosting/Icing and cake proportion:

Frosting/icing as an accent, the cake is the important part.
Cake is merely a delivery vehicle for frosting/icing.



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