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It's Friday Poll Time!

It's going to be a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, especially given that I have the next two Fridays off. See you on January 9!

Poll #1317921 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

pooplord -- Going to a cabin in the woods of West Virginia for the weekend with my husband and another couple. Describe our horror movie deaths!

On your way in, you stop at the little market in town for food and booze. The old guy working there tells you the cabin's long and unpleasant history and the four of you spend the rest of the weekend each trapped in a replay of one of the events.
Saturday evening, Monopoly game in full swing and a few bottles of wine down, carolers arrive at the door. You listen and give them a bottle of wine. 5 minutes later, they're back, & the look in their eyes lets you know they're not thirsty for wine.
The residents of the only other cabin around greet you on your way in. But something isn't right about their adult son, whom they volunteer to bring some freshly chopped firewood for your stay. He arrives later with a little more chopping to do.
Everything in the town nearby looks like it was all built in the 50's but progress suddenly stopped. What you didn't know when you booked was that it was once the site of atom bomb testing, which resulted in some unusual traits in the forest animals.

absolutcalm -- How will the world end?

The same way it began: on the whim of an intangible deity.
The aliens who gave us Bluetooth technology (they have super-sensitive corneal receptors to white light, making our teeth look blue), after spying our every thought devise a plan to wipe the earth clean for their use. We'll never know what hit us.
Ironically enough, after all of our efforts to conserve or find alternates to oil, they will have worked so well that the world will end up being engulfed in a gigantic oil slick, choking the seas and igniting the skies.
A giant meteor will be spotted hurtling towards the earth. NASA decides to send a group of ragtag miners to plant a bomb in the meteor's core. They succeed, only to shower the earth with a malestrom of molten iron shards.

eideteker -- Slanket or Snuggie? Who will be the victor?

Slanket: available in 11 colors. Snuggie: available in 3 colors. Advantage: Slanket. Especially when one of those colors is called "Texas Tea".
Slanket: $44.95 each. Snuggie: Buy one for $19.95, get the second for $7.95. Advantage: Snuggie. Nobody is going to advertise that they got the "fancy" expensive blanket with arms.
Slanket: nice, modern website with rotating images featuring hipsters with plug earrings. Snuggie: essentially the internet version of an 800 number. Advantage: Slanket.
Slanket: all colors sold out until at least Jan. 12. Snuggie: no apparent shortage. Advantage: Snuggie. When one wants to give a gift to their shut-in catlady aunt, they want it now.

renob423 -- are you "merry christmased" the fuck out yet? how can the economy still be in the shitter, yet everyplace i go there are a million people buying shit for xmas? and how come work is so damn busy this month?

On the coasts, people are no longer allowed to say the C-word. One of the malls nearby has even gone so far as to title their running special "The Twelve Days of Holiday."
If you believe the media, it's because people are desperately trying to keep their spirits up and hold onto a fleeting sense of normalcy by buying the same amount of stupid crap they buy every year. What the excuse was last year, I forgot.
I don't know what you do for a living, so I have no idea. Maybe people still have money left over in their 2008 budgets and have to spend it before Dec. 31 or they won't get the same allocations next year.
While the modern ability to shield one's self from commericals is a good protector against Christmas over-saturation, I do think it plays a role in not getting in the spirit quickly.

Baby Born with Foot in Brain.

I thought the things you had to take out of the body in Operation were weird, but this is ridiculous.
Maybe this is what really happened with Jonas and Rusty.
So when he grows up, he'll be thinking of stupid things to say that will embarass him but won't have the problem of blurting them out.
The condition this kid has, which has resulted in a foot in his head is called "foetus in foetu". Lolz.

Admit it, when you first heard about the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoe at Bush, your first thought was "Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman!"

Guilty as charged.
I didn't, but thankfully every blogger in the world made it tired in a few hours.

As it's become a tradition here at the Friday Poll, how about some wacky Christmas gifts?

Death is not an option:


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