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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1328090 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

popespydie -- What are 5 possible reasons why Mrs. Clause stays with Santa? The standard here is four, but it's been a while so I'll give you your five reasons.

He's the only human male in thousands of miles. Likewise, it's not like he's going to cheat on her: the only time he's around other human women, he hasn't got a second to spare.
Because North Pole elves don't look much like Legolas.
The man is the President and CEO of an outfit that employs thousands, has been in business for hundreds of years, has flawless PR and pulls it all off with only one night a year of actual labor. He knows how to do things right.
He dedicated a classified elf task force to make special toys just for her.
They've been together for so long, it's just a habit at this point. Plus, breaking up would be a huge hassle and who wants to go back onto the dating scene once they've been out of it for years and years?

renob423 -- i had a question picked out but this came up this week, so now i'm curious, what do you people think i do for a living? make it a type in answer and i'll tell you who is closest. heres a hint i dont get any of those office jokes frequently made on here Aaaaaaaaawright, you asked for it.

And because maybe three of you typed something (not counting renob's 256 characters of rambling nonsense) please click the button nearest to what you believe renob does for a living:

A freelance, work-at-home copyeditor.
You work at Uncle Lucky's pumkin farm.
One of the producers of that new horror-flick/reality show.
Somebody who CNN pays to send in "viewer comments" when they haven't gotten enough for the day.

eideteker -- Only four questions submitted? What the fuck?

Srsly. What's up with that?
It's a vicious cycle, folks. A low question week tends to inspire few new questions and so on.
New year, new beginnings. We're on an odd-numbered year, so maybe we'll get back to the 23-respondent/12-question per week days of yore.
You're not helping.

absolutcalm -- What's the one thing you think your childhood nemisis deserved for Christmas, were there justice in the world?

He wasn't my nemesis, but Ricky Leggio got me in trouble once when he thought it was a good idea to pour gasoline on a strip of capgun caps and smash them with a hammer. I hope the warden gives him an extra pudding cup this Christmas.
Thanks to the magic of Facebook, it appears that some of those bitchy little girls who made fun of me in 3rd grade for getting chubby have received a healthy dose of justice already.
The butchy girlbully Kelly Temple who tried to choke me in the elementary school bathroom and used to slap me on the bus got a note from her mewling spineless husband's mistress saying he's not going to take her abuse anymore and that he's leaving.
Mrs. Pflug, my 2nd grade math teacher, whose harrowing timed math quizzes that I attribute my math anxiety and crippling inability to perform basic arithmetic will get a fantastic 401K statement showing a tidy 80% loss for the 4th quarter of 2008.

pooplord -- Most entertaining Guitar Hero or Rock Band instrument to play? IRL I play bass and guitar but in the game I love singing best.

These games are lame.

coldblackncold -- Lil Wayne. Pop Culture has a lot to answer for on this one. Why is this guy allowed in front of a mic? I'm not sure. What do the folks who have been watching the YouTube of his Lollipop video think?

bguster08: He sounds like he has a fucking speech impediment... What ever happened to real hip-hop... this is the shittiest thing I've ever heard.
garoy22: i just dont understand why people dig this idiot's song...this is not rap and lil wayne is not a rapper, he's more like a chihuahua on dope
macewindu064: Agreed. Lil Wayne = EPIC FAIL
eazzyLL: dis aint no hip hop hip hop isnt goin ne where but down true hip hop is old skool 2pac n eazy e not lil wayne

My niece's fourth birthday was on Wednesday (yes, for those of you who have been keeping track, it really, really has been four years) so I called her like a good Aunt Monkey should. After my sister-in-law handed her the phone, I identified myself and said I heard it was her birthday, and she confirmed. I asked how old she is and was told with some contemplation that she is, in fact, four. When I asked her how it feels to be four, she said:

"Like a princess."
"um, same."
"I have a pink cupcake!"
"I don't feel like talking anymore."

So word on the street is that the Ruskies may be taking our LJ away from us. What will you do if that happens?

Not much, really.Back in the day LJ was an integral part of my life, a creative outlet and the best way to stay in touch with friends. Now? eeh. I'll check it if I check it. I'm part of the problem.
Figure out which RSS feeder I'm going to switch over to.
Start up my own journal on my own site or blogspot or something and hope my friends bookmark me.
Make mine the best status updates Facebook has ever seen!
Okay so I'm being all calloused and hardassed. If LJ were to log out for good, I'd seriously be devastated and would rather not think about it.

Our guest bedroom is a mere 8'x8'. We are seriously considering buying a day bed with a trundle but are having a bitch of a time finding one that will make one big even-leveled bed when extended for less than $500 (the trundles are sold separately from the beds most of the time, and then there's the mattresses). If you were to be spending the weekend at a friend's house and the bed you were provided resulted in you sleeping 4"-6" lower or higher than your significant other, would you be okay with it?

While one big bed for both of us would be ideal, we can live for a night or two on a bed like this.
Um....well...not really... I may say it's okay but I'll be talking shit about you and your crappy guest room the whole ride home.

This morning, I've been on the phone with Verizon trying to get a copy of my order from when I signed up for FIOS to compare to my bill as well as to find out when my promotional movie channel trial ends. How many operators have I spoken with?



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