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For You Dream Analysts

Dale and I were walking around in the parking lot of a strip mall near my old house in Jersey (the Chester Shopping Center with the ShopRite across from where the flea market used to be, for those of you who are familiar) where my mother used to take me grocery shopping a lot when I was a kid. The stores were all different, and one of them was a clothing store that I had a coupon for at home, so we were about to go back and get it when we ran into Pookie, my friend who I have known since I was three but am in less contact with now since she lives near Boston. She was freaking out because she couldn’t get a flight back and her mother was yelling at her about it. The dream did a weird jump-cut to a shot of her mother throwing a pot on a wheel and yelling into a cordless phone. Back to the parking lot, Pook was crying so we took her over to the phone, which happened to be a videophone, and called her father. The man on the screen was her father, but it wasn’t her father, rather the guy who played George Costanza’s boss in the Festivus episode of Seinfeld.

The next part is hazy, but her father somehow assured her that it was going to be okay and Dale and I went on with our shopping. We went into one of the stores and I was recognized from the Road Rules: Son of Real World casting special that apparently I was on and was a finalist to appear on the first Road Rules season. Then the dream cut to highlights of the show, if you will, with Rashel from the San Fansisco Real World season moderating and scenes of me getting annoyed with her.

I remember thinking that I should get up and write this down, and clearly remember writing “Pookie, Festivus boss, Chester, Son of Real World” on a notepad on my bedstand, but that too must have been part of the dream, since the pad was blank this morning.

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