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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1373054 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

popespydie -- Why are all the new songs using AutoTune? Do people really think it sounds good?

The singers using it aren't really that bad, it's just that the rest of the music is so mundane and boring they had to spice it up somehow.
The faster we get used to computer-generated singing vocals, the sooner they stop having to deal with bubblegum pop diva twats.
The average media consumer likes things to be as familiar as possible - the more like something else it is, the better it is. Any song not using AutoTune is essentially lost revenue.
When electricity first came out, people were upset because the light showed many more of their flaws than candlelight ever did. Now think about how we choose our musicians based on how they look and put the pieces together.

clockwatcher -- How long has it been since I participated in this? Back when you were last here...

We thought a mere $700B bailout was absurd.
I still opened my 401K statements.
I still knew who half the people were on ONTD.
There were like, 8 questions a week.

eideteker -- Who's your favorite Green Lantern?

Hal Jordan.
John Stewart.
Kyle Rayner.
Guy Gardner.

pooplord -- Okay, so we own the house. Congratulations to us, until it becomes apparent that using the kitchen sink makes the basement bathroom sink overflow. WTF is going on? Why do I not understand plumbing at all?

It's not you that doesn't understand plumbing, nor does it really matter whether you understand it or not. The guy who last worked on your pipes doesn't understand plumbing.
There has to be a set of definable characteristics to separate the useful people from the zombie fodder.
Unless you're planning on a career change, it sounds like you know all you need to know about plumbing: turn faucet, water, drain. The rest you pay somebody else to know about.
You may not know much about plumbing now, nor do you know much about landscaping, basic carpentry, drywalling, or wiring, but this and other events like it will allow you to look back in 6 months and be amazed at how naive you seemed.

Another worthy twofer from renob423 -- i recently went south for vacation. how come nobody in ohio is all about shit that happened in their state like 200 years ago? Okay players: without google, describe, even vaguely, something that happened in Ohio 200 years ago:

renob423 -- what are some cities that have an inferiority complex and want you to think they are much more happening than they really are?

Minneapolis/St. Paul.

coldblackncold -- Why does Slick Rick rap like Top Cat? Man, I have no idea what to do with this. 60-70's Hanna Barbera characters whose names could easily be hip-hop artists:

Punkin Puss.
Ruff and Reddy.
Blubber Bear.

For the President's online townhall meeting this week, people submitted questions online and then other people were able to vote for their favorites. Unsurprisingly, the top questions in each category concerned the legalization of marijuana.

They should be grateful the top questions weren't all variations on whether or not Obama can do a barrel roll.
This same voting structure is the basis for next week's DOE Forum to discuss the literary merit of Firefly Slashfic.
Thanks to the eye-opening information provided on the Pro-Ana boards, the FDA, EPA and FAA are teaming up to roll out a new strategy for food redistribution, population control, and the further shrinking of airplane seats.
The financial questions that weren't about marijuana were all about whether or not Americans can still has cheeseburgers.

In other news of the lunatics running the internet, a kid in England painted a wang on his parent's roof so it would be funny on GoogleEarth.

They had to nudiefuzz the picture of the house but not the "fertility god"?
WTF is a gap year and why don't we have them?
So that's why the house I pass on the way to work has JESUS LOVES YOU in flowers on their front yard.
Between this and cops giving the finger to speeding cameras, maybe the whole Big Brother thing isn't working out the way it was intended.


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