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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1377487 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- You do so much for us every week. What can we do for you? Poll-wise?

Keep the questions comin'. And since I have to write them earlier and earlier in the week (stupid career advancement), don't wait until 11 on Friday morning. I'm lookin at you coldblackncold.
Even if you don't have a question, fill out the poll. Motivation is proportional to response rate.
Spread the word! Tell your friends!
All of the above.

You can also suggest a new 360 game for me (XBLA is good too). Preferably puzzle/strategy. I'm not big on FPSes and don't have the time for a long term RPG right now.

pooplord -- Reheating your coffee, even with milk in it. Awesome? Unthinkable? Still tasty? Maximum shelf life?

If the coffee goes cold, stick it in the fridge and ice it later.
Desperate last resort. It's the wipe-your-ass-with-paper-towels of beverages.
I don't care as long as it does the job.
All the expensive coffee has made us believe coffee is worth re-heating. Make a new freaking cup, or invest in one of those USB mug-warmers.

And yet another twofer!renob423 -- who is the person that sticks out in your mind from your first job you had as a teenager that made you say "i want to do more with my life than THAT person"? and have you sucessfully accomplished this goal?

The guy who owned the flea-market Italian Ice stand I worked at when I was 14. He dedicated his life to his four coolers, dry ice and strict cup-counting policy. One week he tried to sell drinks but didn't bother to get cups that didn't leak.
The bitches working in the "typing pool" at the financial planning office I worked at senior year. They acted like they were in a movie from the 50's.
The Applebees bartender who used to throw fits and refuse to make my drinks if I wrote "Rocks" instead of an X in a circle when ordering a margarita on the rocks.
The evil hens that owned the antique shops and eucalyptus-swag hausfrau decoration stores in the area where my boss' art & aromatherapy store was. They refused to let her into their "guild" because she was selling such weird stuff.

renob423 -- who is the biggest asshole boss you've had ?

The manager at the Irish pub who in spite of allowing visible tattoos and mohawks on other waiters, constantly put limitations on which necklaces he thought were and were not appropriate for me to wear. There was no real dress policy.
Those of you who have been around for a while will know who and what CVP is. Here's a selection of her greatest emails.
This guy. After the personal space incident, he didn't talk to me or give me work for six weeks.
The boss that never gave work to me, even when she was swamped and I was actively asking for more to do, because she was afraid of "sounding bossy".

coldblackncold -- According to the news, about 1 in 10 Americans are on food stamps and, as an eerie parallel closer to home, roughly 1 in 10 Virginians do not finish high school. Could there be a connection?

Most of the food stamp users I've seen in action at the supermarket are either way smarter than the rest of us with all the ways they try to buck the system, or so stupid they probably never even started high school. Coin toss on that one.
I dunno. Getting on food stamps probably involves a lot of form-completing and homework. That's what turned off the dropouts in the first place.
If it's as accurate as this study, anybody who's ever used a newspaper coupon probably counts.

Star Jones and Rosie O'Donnell are auctioning off a lunch date with the duo for charity. What can the "winner" of this bizarre form of torture expect?

A whirlwind visit to the Eager Beaver Buffet and Vomitorium in Passaic, NJ.
The excruciating sensation of your cranial fluid seeping slowly out your ear canal as these vile harpies screech and squawk over top of one another for a solid hour.
A resounding feeling of satisfaction and self worth after learning from first hand experience that at least you're not as bad a person as either of them.
To learn what it's like to be married to a gay person.


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