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And it burns burns burns like a placenta on the floor

I once had respect for the band Live. Once. I became skeptical when they jumped head first on the namaste bandwagon but this just seals the deal.

On the "Blowjob to Sam Phillips: The History of Sun Studios" show on PBS right now, they're showing studio clips of new bands making a tribute album of Sun artists. A Jason Lee-lookalike Ed Kowalczyk is doing a rendition of Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" that sounds eerily similar to "Lightning Crashes." Once you were a bare-chested group of gifted musicians. Think outside your little box, dickwipes. And if trying to sing as deep as Johnny Cash makes your voice fade into a whisper, try a different song. There were a lot of Sun musicians that you could cover.

And Sam Phillips just gets on my nerves. You'd think some of Elvis' humility would wear off on the guy. He acts like he gave birth to the King, for god's sake.
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