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It's Friday Poll Time!

And the correct answers to last week's Deadlier than Swine Flu quiz:

As of last week's poll time, 7 people had died of Swine Flu. In 2007, the following items were involved in this many at-work deaths:
Wood Chippers: 9
Blouses, shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts: 11
Tugboats: 5
Shotguns: 5
Horses: 9
Needles and syringes: 11
Bulldozers: 14

renob423 wins it with 6/7. pooplord, popespydie, eideteker and subbes all tied for 5/7, boringly enough because they picked not-swine flu for everything. Come on, guys. You knew it wouldn't be that simple.

Poll #1396757 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

pooplord -- Best thing to say or do around people wearing surgical masks on the Metro who are obviously not doctors?

"Those things give you cancer, ya know?"
Oink at them.
"Surgical masks are so April".

popespydie -- Are you still watching Dollhouse? I didn't realize anybody was still watching Dollhouse, or that there was a Dollhouse to watch. Shows that are still on the air that you had no idea were still on the air:

Ghost Whisperer.
Prison Break.

eideteker -- Guess who was just in a motorcycle accident? Also, don't you hate it when people phrase "Guess who" statements as questions?

Do I hate that? About as much as I hate any answer that's started with a question. Do I think it's going to stop anytime soon? Not really.
Who has one working thumb and just got in a motorcycle accident? This guy.
Was it that douchbag on the crotchrocket who was weaving back and forth between lanes this morning cutting cars off within an inch of their bumpers? I sure do hope so.
I love when people start questions like that - the world needs more spontaneous guessing games., Vanilla Ice?

renob423 -- will american idol finally fade away or are we going to be stuck with this show for like a decade? is it time to take a few seasons off and let the talent pool fill up? will dancig with the hasbeens eventually be more popular?

As long as there are teenagers who want to be on TV, there will always be American Idol tryouts, and as long as there are people who are willing to watch anything that distracts them from their terminal banality, there will be American Idol.
Not only will we be stuck with this show for the indeterminate future, but as long as Idol is successful, there will be countless other shows trying to be the next one.
Talent, schmalent. They make money hand over fist on this shit, from ads to txt fees to that wrapup show thing and whateverthefuckelse. Getting a hit single out of a winner is gravy.
Sadly, all of the above qualify for The C-List Shuffle, so we've got a long time to shake that one too.

With the recent losses of Bea Arthur and Dom DeLouise, who will be the third comedy great of old to round out the trifecta?

Leslie Nielsen.
Don Rickles.
Jackie Mason.
Jerry Stiller.

Did you score free chicken this week?

I did.
I was going to, but the line was longer than it was worth waiting for $4 worth of fast food.
Hell no. I stayed as far away from KFCs as I could.
Free wha?

According to the article linked above, the KFC folks seem to believe the rush on their restaurants this week has to do with the public's "interest in the product" and that the response is indicative of a change in their target audience. While they're at it, they may as well say:

"the overwhelming response to this new healthier menu item proves the wisdom in our rebranding the chain KFC to remove the word 'Fried' from our name. Health-conscious consumers look to us for their needs."
"in order to accommodate the new level of business set by this amazing new product that we anticipate will be the state of the franchise for years to come, we are embarking on a major renovation plan to enlarge all KFC dining rooms by 150%."
"from now on, Americans will come to KFC on purpose. We will no longer simply be the provider of the biscuit you can order with your 7-Layer Burrito at select Taco Bells."
"we appreciate the added publicity Ms. Winfrey has provided with her coupons; however given the excessive popularity of our fabulous new product, we suggest she focus her energies on products that actually need more attention."



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