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No thanks, I gave at the office.

Of course while I was writing that out, a notable event occurred. And the telling of it will I'm sure make me come off as calloused and heartless, but I'm annoyed.

Our HR department has set up this donation matching thing for charity that they have emailed us about three times a week, put fliers in our mailboxes, mentioned in every meeting and now one of the HR people just gave us a speech about before handing over our paychecks.

I'm all for charity and I think it's a great idea. But the pressure is getting to be a bit much. How does she know I didn't give $100 to the Red Cross on September 12? There are people in this office that do not get paid much and the payroll administrator should know that better than anyone. Others may be having a tough year. People aren't suddenly going to find some spare money lying around just because she asked for the twelfth time. The more she tries to shake us down, the less attractive it seems. There are a lot of charities out there that need my money too.

And furthermore, they just changed our Health Insurance so that we have to pay more out of each paycheck but the good thing is that we get an extra $100,000 in life insurance. As in, in case we die *while* working at this company, our successors will make out but the employees have a bigger deductible and larger monthly payments.

Go ahead and donate that hundred thousand dollars of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance for me and make sure you match it. I'd give money to the fucking State Trooper Association before I contribute to this. At least the Troopers bother me less often about it.
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