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It's Friday Poll Time!

Poll #1468615 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

popespydie -- guess what??

lol, sphincter.
I know this is going to be something about chickens. I'll pass.
You won a Nobel Peace Prize?
You're going to write a much better question next week?

rskipwo -- Is it just me or does all of Lady Gaga's music sound like cheesy Fiddler On The Roof remixes? Your question inspired me to visit MySpace for the first time in well over a year to listen to some of her stuff. I wasn't sure I had ever actually heard a Lady Gaga song until now I realize I probably have, but it's simply immemorable. Lady Gaga could easily be replaced with:

Any random girl squealing behind a velvet rope hoping to be granted admission into some club.
A hockey stick with a nicely-painted volleyball stuck on the blade.
A bag full of those creepy doll heads, an artist's wood sketching figure, and some Bratz doll clothes.
A character from a Final Fantasy-like Japanese video game.

eideteker -- Better 80s "teen with superpowers" show: Out of This World or My Secret Identity? The answer is Out of This World. Why?

The guy on My Secret Identity used his powers to fight crime and stuff. Evie used her powers excatly how the rest of us would once we realized we had them: for mundane, superficial things that usually got us in trouble.
The chick on it was way hotter than Jerry O'Connell.
Standard superhero powers vs. timestop? Are you kidding me. I stay up nights thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to stop time. You could sleep in every day. You could hang out in some other city every night. I could go on and on.
You would never again have to worry about traffic. You would always have time to go to the gym. You could go grocery shopping in as long as it takes to check out. You could read as many books as you want. Hell, you could write a book.

renob423 -- Honestly, how have you never played tekken? Would you rather be married to Lips from "The Story of Anvil" or Steve Wiebe from "King of Kong"? What would you tell your friends when they subttly asked about his "hobby"? Christ, I have no idea what you're talking about now. I know those are movies but I haven't seen them. Of the following nerdly endeavors, which is the nerdiest?

Live-action roleplaying.
War reenacting.
Historical table wargames.
Writing fanfic.

Men: do you wear a watch or do you just use your cell phone to tell the time?

I wear a watch.
I do not wear a watch - my cell is essentially a pocket watch.

Let's say you find yourself talking to some random at an airport bar. Which of the following statements would be the most obvious sign to you that said person is completely nuts and anything they say from this point on should be met with total skepticism?

"Between that and trying to poison our kids with fluoride in the toothpaste, it's really a sick world."
"I never go shopping at Target on Saturdays. Think about it, if someone were to suicide bomb a store, would they pick Wal-Mart or the place with the big symbolic red target on it?"
"No way, I'd never get an EZPass or fall for that scam they're trying to sell over there with the express security pass thing. Like I want someone tracking where I go all the time."
"It always makes me sad to see photos of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sears Tower. Just to know that when they get bombed by terrorists, these pictures are going to be of things that don't exist anymore."



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