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It's Friday Poll Time!

No poll next week - I will be working at a hotel all week, if you catch my drift.

Poll #1472155 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- Are you down with NPP?

Narwhal Pee Pee?
No People's Privates?
National Pinochle Players?
Never Pooping Publicly?

ccjohn -- Should Lady Gaga have won the Nobel Prize instead? She talks good too.

I dunno if Lady Gaga should be associated with a trophy that has been previously awarded to Yassir Arafat. That's just mean.
Lady Gaga is the most likely person in some time to finally enact some real European-style dance-pop horseshit to the States.
I think so. There's something unjust in the world when Lady Gaga and Ghandi have more in common with each other than Ghandi does with the President of the United States.
If only people hated Britney enough, she may have qualified.

pooplord -- It's 70 degrees in here. Why are my hands still cold?

You're a chick. These are the things we must suffer.
You type so damn fast that you create a breeze with your fingers.
You used one of those infuriating "touch-free" faucets that provide no means of adjusting the temperature of the tepid water, and forgets you're standing there so you have to wave your now wet-with-tepid-water hands around to rinse the soap off?
You've got ice water flowing through your veins, you frigid, frigid bitch.

renob423 -- How come vampires are looked at as being so fucking cool all the time, but wearwolves are always these tormented losers? will wolves ever be portrayed as cool by pop culture? how come all the vampires in underworld are gay and the wolves are all homeless?

Vampires know infecting others is a "gift". Werewolves live like they subsist on a diet of roofies and LSD: every morning is a blur of memories, ruined clothing, and guiltthat they may have subjected someone else to it.
While they share a taste for human blood, the difference is the process: a lustful bite on a sensual part of the body most easily accessed during foreplay vs. a hairy, four-legged version of the Old Country Buffet.
Underworld movies may have made them a bit cooler, but they'll never be truly cool enough to make people fantasize about living their lives like a pet Hulk.
I'm sure if you lived for eternity you'd get bored of the opposite sex eventually. And werewolves aren't homeless until they revert to their wolf habitat, which in people form is nearly indistinguishable from homelessness.

Based on the headlines of my most recent glance at Drudge, today's most convincing evidence of the decline of western civilization:

Do you enjoy dressing up for Halloween?

Hell yes!
I would if I ever had the time/creativity/followthrough/memory to do a good costume.



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