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It's Friday Poll Time!

The answers to last week's Italy questions:
-The Italians were relieved when Italy lost so they could finally start rooting for good teams.

-Bread in Tuscany is made without salt. The explanation we were given was that back in the middle ages, Pisa imposed a tax on salt and the Tuscans started making their bread without it as a fuck you. The interwebs has several stories, none of which explain why they're still making it without salt when we all know bread with salt is better.

-The electricity in the second house was insufficient to run the air conditioning at the same time as any of the other appliances listed. The other fun one I didn't mention was the hot water. Since the house had the instant electric hot water heaters, if the air conditioning was running and you took a shower, the power would go off, not only cutting out the lights and the AC, but the hot water. It was a laugh riot.

Poll #1593040 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- Any tips for Americans in Europe?

Ignore your innate sense of decorm when it comes to outdoor urination. As long as you're somewhere remotely private (such as in the backyard of a restaurant) unpaved, or there's a tree line nearby, you can pee there.
Prepare to either be dehyrdated or endure strange looks from the locals. If you want more than 4oz of soda, you will have to order a carafe. If you want a large bottle of water and don't need a bag or cups, you're obviously an American.
Even though meals are supposed to be long, liesurely events with half-hour breaks between courses, be prepared to order your entire meal within seconds of arriving at the table.
In Italy, at least, while they drive on the right and aren't bad drivers by most standards, motorcycles, mopeds, and bicyles have free reign of the road to pass cars between lanes, on the shoulders, or into oncoming traffic.

renob423 -- better theme song: st elmos fire, the legend of billie jean, or breakfast club?

St. Elmo's Fire - St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion), by some guy.
The Legend of Billie Jean - Invincible, by Pat Benatar.
Breakfast Club - Don't You Forget About Me, by Simple Minds.

renob423 -- is it ok to wear sweats in public?


renob423 -- biggest piece of junk you have that you will never use but couldn't fathom throwing away?

The 50's diner-style bar table that I went through some whole ordeal with the seller over way back when that I'm pretty sure I LJed about and would link to if stupid LJSeek worked.
My Chuck Norris/Christie Brinkley gym.
The Meatboard.
The two giant replica swords from Spain Evan's stepfather gave him.

renob423 -- apartments: above, middle, or bottom level?

Bottom. It gives the illusion that you have a yard.
Middle. Better security than the bottom floor but fewer stairs than the top.
Top. I want to be the noisy upstairs neighbor that would have irritated me.
We seem to be assuming some sort of garden-style with only three floors. Remembering how frequently the elevator broke down in my 9-story apartment building, however, I wouldn't want to live much higher than 5.

Last weekend, we went with a bunch of friends out to one of their parents' houses on the Chesapeake to drink obscene amounts of alcohol and eat crabs. I had little to no experience eating crabs prior to my residence in the DC area. What is your experience with crabs? (and no, there will be no "uh, huhuhuhuhuhuhuh. Crabs" option).

I am a capbable crab-cracker with full understanding of the process and the tools involved.
I enjoy crab, but the process of picking crabs grosses me out.
My experience with crab is limited to bisque, rangoon, and that whitefish they paint the edges of to make it look like crab.



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