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It's Friday Poll Time!

Well, hellooooooooo, LiveJournal! Nice to see you!

Poll #1680126 Friday! Friday!! Friday!!!

eideteker -- What do you tell someone when they ask you what your new year's resolution is?

uh...check back with me in early March. My resolutions are like pregnancies - I don't like to announce them until after the first trimester.
To stop setting goals based on arbitrary societal customs and focus on what I need when I need it.
To resist giving sarcastic responses to asinine smalltalk questions.
Cut back on the compressed air huffing.

renob423 -- These are too damn heavy. No thanks. - best new years scene in a movie? I can only think of two movies with New Years scenes in them:

200 Cigarettes.
Radio Days.

Another movie with a New Years scene?

renob423 -- is new years usually a let down?

Yes. It gets overhyped.
No. The hype leads to effort and effort leads to hype-meeting.

renob423 -- is a memorable new years the same as a good new years? In retrospect, yes. which happens more?

What good is a New Years that you don't remember?

renob423 -- best new years you have ever had? worst new years?

1999-2000: outstanding Millennium party at the house I was sharing at the time. DJ, decorations, Beirut, the works. And that "haha nothing's going to happen at the turn of the millennium, rite...rite?" feeling we had most of the night.
2003-2004: warehouse party in New York that was sponsored by Red Bull, thus free Red Bull & Vodkas all night. The party was shut down in a chaotic scramble at 2am because of the two available toilets and consequent stairwell urine streams.
1987-1988: the first year I was allowed to stay up and to watch the ball drop.
2010-2011: engagement, natch ;)

renob423 -- worst new years?

2000-2001: the year after one of my favorite New Years Eves, I spent the following year at an exceptionally boring house party where attendees were sitting around reading magazines by 10:45. Add the guilt of having brought an out of town friend.
1997-1998: the year I was at the ball drop in Times Square. When Dick Clark says it's 5 degrees in Times Square with a wind chill of -12, imagine how much more uncomfortable that is when you've been standing around in the same spot for 5 hours.
1993-1994: the year all of my friends with balls went clubbing at the Limelight while telling their parents they were at the roller rink with me and the rest of the pussies.
Stumped. Probably one I don't remember or chose to forget.

You're in fairly dense traffic on a 2-lane road (2 lanes for each direction - I can never remember if that means 2 lanes or 4 lanes). You hear the distant whir of a siren and get visual confirmation in the rearview mere seconds later. You and your fellow drivers angle your cars onto the shoulder, pull into turn lanes, or do whatever else is necessary to allow the emergency vehicle to pass through. Once it's gone, you:

rearrange yourself back into the traffic in as close a pattern as possible as before the disruption, being particularly generous given the universal inconvenience of the situation.
take this opportunity to skunk past the dipshits who got too out of the way, rev the engine and ride the wake of the emergency vehicle to gain as much ground as possible while the dipshits play all nicey nice.

You're leaving a shopping center and need to turn left across the road mentioned above. The shopping center has one exit with a stoplight light and another without. You:

use the exit with the stoplight, wait for the light to change and turn left effortlessly.
use the exit without the stoplight, moving forward into the oncoming traffic lanes inch by inch without your turn signal on for fear of someone not letting you in because you're turning left, repeating at the median.

You notice a U-Haul crawling along in the right lane at 50mph in a 55mph zone. You:

give them as much room and forgiveness as you can. They are probably quite unused to driving a 14' truck, let alone one with all of their worldly possessions packed inside.
ride their ass, pass them as forcefully as you can and cut them off when you do. It's a fucking 55mph zone.


actively watched the Super Bowl, interested in its outcome.
did not watch the Super Bowl.
happened to notice some game being played while I was at a party my friend weirdly scheduled for Sunday night.

I'm old because:

When I'm invited to a party that starts at 9pm on a Friday night, I know not to rsvp because really? 9pm on a Friday?
When I leave happy hour smashed at 10:30 and the following morning my co-workers fill me in on what I missed after I "left early."
I write ranty questions about rude driving habits.
I'm actually busy enough at work not to be devoting several hours each Friday morning to an internet poll.



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