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Grape Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

I cannot bear the sight of chewed gum. It should not be visible when it is inside someone's mouth (except while in bubble form) and it is absolutely intolerable when it is outside someone's mouth. Even my own chewed gum. I can't even look at it. I want to shake and beat anyone I see twirling it around their fingers or putting it on the side of their plate so they can chew it after dinner. Anyone found guilty of putting gum on the underside of any surface should be put to death.

I am an avid gum chewer and have honed my skill of using gum to create ear-shattering snaps at will. But the chewed gum thing I feel very strongly about.

The topic of gum brings me to today's boredom-induced childhood story. I was maybe four or five and my mother, brother and I were at the shopping center at which my recent dream took place. We got gum at the SupeRx and I remember being all excited that we were going to be able to get grape. I'm not sure if it was the new flavor or what, but I remember thinking that grape was way cooler than standard pink or red and felt very cool to have it. It was Hubba Bubba too, which had commercials on TV with cowboys and stuff.

We got the gum and started chewing it on our way to the car and about 15 minutes later, I noticed this strange rash all over my arms. It spread up my neck and all over my face and itched like crazy.


It went away shortly after I stopped chewing the gum. They were just a quick flare up and disappear case of hives, but to this day it's the only real food allergy reaction I've ever had. Grape Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. For a while, my mom wouldn't let me have any grape gum, which was particularly devastating, since, as mentioned above, grape was the cool flavor. My brother, in true big brother form, used to wave grape gum under my nose and offer it to me and then make fun of me because I'd say it gave me hives.

I eventually tried another brand of grape gum years later and I remained rash-free. By that time, Hubba Bubba had been swept into candy oblivion, and was no longer cause for concern. As a result, I can again say I'm not allergic to anything.
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