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Single Serving Friends

I just got back from one of those quick trips to the grocery store. Though I had planned to only buy coffee filters and paper plates, I ended up spending $15, impulsively adding on a pack of batteries, pre-cut carrots, yogurt, Goldfish Crackers and two boxes of Chex cereal (merely because they were on sale for $1.99. Am I wrong to be unwiling to pay more than $2 for a box of cereal?). As a quite last minute purchase, I also bought a slice of cake. One slice. They sell them in individual size pieces.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with Mickey the other day when he commented on how all I have in my kitchen is pasta. The reason, I explained, is that there is nothing else more conducive to single living available. It won't go bad. You can buy a lot of it and not worry about throwing the extra away. It cooks easily and quickly, and is a reasonably healthy alternative to other processed, frozen meals out there.

But the cake made me realize just how many accomodations have been made in the grocery store for the solo-dweller, while at the same time buy-in-bulk places such as Price Club and Shoppers Food flourish. Commodities for the single people are everywhere: everything from 4-cup coffee makers to futons to single-serve pieces of cake. I would never entertain the idea of buying an entire cake. But as guilty as even considering eating a piece of it made me feel, I figured it was somewhat justified since it was that one piece. And, like I had bargained with myself, I didn't eat the whole thing tonight. This is probably the same mental conversation that goes on in the head of anyone who buys the Personal Size George Forman Grill. I'm only going to be making 4-minute veggie burgers for myself; why buy the Family Size?

I read in the paper not too long ago that according to the 2000 census, more people live alone or with roommates than people live with spouses and their offspring. Have the baby boomers all gotten divorced? Are their children in that between period of living with their parents and having their own children? Whatever the reason, I feel fortuante in being able to live alone. To have the financial and situational opportunity to do so. But I wonder how much harder it would be if there weren't so many things out there for me.
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