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Some Dumb Stuff I've Done in the Past Four Days

  • 5 seconds ago: bit the same place on my lip while eating an apple that I bit yesterday and the day before.

  • Last Night: dripped salsa from chip to shirt in three separate places.

  • Last Night: tried to give the cashier at Giant an extra penny in order to get even silver change for a purchase of $9.09.

  • Monday Night: did laundry, washing the pack of socks I bought at price club for the first time before wearing them. Noticed only *after* I removed the socks from the dryer that the socks had been bundled with a little plastic thingy in groups of six. Spread wet socks across the bars of my Chuck Norris Gym to dry.

  • Sunday Night: forgot newly purchased paper towels in the shopping cart at the supermarket parking lot.

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  • Happy New Year!

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