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Extended Family

Christmas was merry. Gifts were plentiful. Food was more so. While I was gone for a long time, and it feels like I’ve been gone forever, the time away just flew by. Between shopping, more shopping, time killing, movie rental, familial visitation gatherings, Silly Drunk Punch, and a second viewing of Lord of the Rings, Christmas zipped by. Presents received were perfect, and the presents I gave were well-received.

The big news of the weekend, however, didn’t happen this weekend. My brother and Jennifer got engaged last Thursday. After about five years of dating, they’re getting hitched. The romance of it goes, he took her out in Old Town Alexandria, the place where they met. After a nice dinner, they went for a walk down by the river and he planned to take her onto one of the piers to pop the question. They got down there to find the piers chained and it started getting cold. Just down the street, they found a path into a park which took them right by the water. Stars, Christmas-light lined sailboat and a streetlamp casting a puddle of light onto the path. They looked out on the river, and Jenn turned around to find him on one knee. “What are you doing?” she asked, confused. “I’m proposing to you.”

Awesome. I’m so happy about it. They are looking to get married in October, and Jenn has asked me to be a bridesmaid, which made me cry right in the middle of the Kohl’s store when she asked. I’m excited for them and I have a feeling that tons of details are to come, so stay tuned.
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