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Communism is just a red herring. Like all members of the oldest profession, I'm a capitalist.

I will be feeding HM’s cats all week while she is away on business. My compensation for this, besides the joy of being able to see, pet, and play some feather-on-a-stick with the cats is that she’s letting me use her parking space for the week. Since she lives about 3 blocks from my office, this is a great deal for me: it’s easy to get to to feed the cats, it’s faster for me to get into work when I drive, but is usually cost-prohibitive, as the cheapest all day parking I have found is $8 per day.

HM’s parking lot, as many of you know, is in the alley situated between the row houses that line her block and the car wash behind it. The area was once rather seedy, known for the thriving flesh and crack cocaine sales industries, but has since experienced a recent upturn, as indicated by a French Deli, $1800 per month single bedroom apartments and a Fresh Fields.

This morning, I was reminded why they it is the Oldest Profession. Between the alley and work I must have seen about fifteen used condoms strewn about the street. Some businesses will always be big, but last night must have been one hell of a lucrative night for someone. I’m sure at least the folks at Trojan saw an unexpected spike in sales.

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