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Another MTV-Inspired Postulation

I was watching some fresh-faced yet ethnically-diverse youth explain the music scene to me on MTV over the weekend. One of them was talking about how some godawful musical group whose two-trick-ponies can either have Group Member A moan and wail while Members B and C repeat the same three words or group members (or solo artist in either case) moan and wail while either Rapper D talks about how he’d like to bag said Girl Singer or Producer E grunts and says “mmmhmmm. Yeah.”

They call this “R&B”. Call me crazy, but this doesn’t rub me the right way (or rock the boat, rock the boat, change positions, change positions, work the middle, work the middle). Rhythm, I’ll grant. But Blues? Come on. I’m sure Bouncey Knowles makes Robert Johnson want to spit on his own grave. His Hot Tamales just aren’t ready for her Jelly.

Semantic use of the term Blues aside, it just seems too different from classic R&B to be called the same thing. Note the term Rock ‘n’ Roll is rarely used anymore. The Roll was dropped a while back when Rock chose a path far different from his father’s Roll. Can we not do the same service to R&B? Pay homage to its roots, but indicate its difference.

My proposal: R&P. Contains the surname, if you will, of Rhythm, but can shake off it’s identity crisis and come into its own with the new name Rhythm & Pop. Because, really. It’s more pop than anything else, but insofar as separating it from standard issue bubblegum and classic rhythm and blues, I think it works.

Let it be written, let it be known.
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