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It's getting weird already

I have this vague memory of being sent home from school on a day when our pipes broke and there was no water.

Fast forward to today. I go to the ladies room only to find that the third of four toilets isn't properly flushing. I send an email to the facilites manager who never answers them anyway, but I get a response about a 1/2 hour later saying that there is a problem with the water in the building, that none of the toilets work and there is no water in the faucets.

I know for damn sure that it's illegal for employers not to supply restrooms. Something else tells me there's something drastically wrong with not providing water for drinking, hand washing or in my case a few minutes ago, apple washing.

So basically, there is presently no water in the building and I don't know exactly how much of a violation on my employee's rights (ha!) that is.

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