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Valentines Day Memory

Happy Valentines Day to you! Days where love-spreadin' is the flavor du jour are few and far in between, so I would like to take this opportunity to let the love flow up in the club. Which reminds me, I better get those Hershey kisses out of my pocket before they melt from all of the warm lovinness that's all around.

What holiday would be complete without an embarassing childhood memory to accompany it. Picture it, Valentines Day, 1992. It was a Friday. rahaeli, this girl we were friends with in HS who has since "fallen off" and a guy (D--I'm thinking it was Newspaper Josh...) went to go see Wayne's World at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall movie theater.

Earlier that day, someone had given me a small heart-shaped sticker that I had put on my cheek and I wore it all day to show my lovin' spirit. It was a simple small heart shape, but it was kinda fuzzy and textured on the surface. Very cute.

While on line for tickets, a young gentleman began talking to us and kept staring at the sticker. We talked about Valentines Day, how we all went to the movies together since we were dateless, etc. The guy's attention, however, was hypnotically drawn to the 1/2 circle of redness right on my cheek. He couldn't take his eyes off it. But, the odd thing was, he never commented on the sticker. He would talk to me, and try to be funny and smooth, but then the eyes would go right back to the sticker. Then he started touching his own face and snapping his eyes back to mine.

We got our tickets, said goodbye to the guy and went along our merry way into the theater. rahaeli commented that she thought he was hitting on me. The guy we were with said, "yeah, but you could totally tell he thought that was a big zit on your face."

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