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The Rules

If Oprah or whoever else that was can make up rules, then so can I, goddammit. The list will be added to periodically, but I would like to begin here. Rule Number One was discussed at great length last night over margaritas, and what better day than a lazy Friday to start the list. Feel free to suggest Rules as you think of them for review and possible amendment.

Rule the First: The Innovation Rule


The Monty Python Mandate

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a very funny film, however, since its 1975 release, it has taken on a strange role in society as a subcultural identifier, an anthem, and an icon nearly as glorified as the subject of the film. Very often, however, viewers do not realize the omnipotence of the movie and make vast underestimations of its reach. Therein lies the rule:

You are not the only person who has seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

You are not the only person who “gets” it.

You are not the only person who knows who the “Knights Who Say Ni” are.

You are not clever for finding a correlation between the movie and anything to do with Medieval Times, Arthurian Legend, or the entire United Kingdom.

Do not ever quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Just as you are not the first person to see and/or understand the movie, you are also not the first person to quote it. Save us all from yourself. We don’t need to hear, “An African or a European swallow?” ever again. And you don’t need to be “that guy”.

Encouragement of anyone who breaks Rule Number One is as strong a violation as actually breaking the rule. If some bozo references the aforementioned knights, do not encourage further quotation by responding with “ecky, ecky, ecky zoo-bang zoo-wizzah wazzuh wizzah wazzuh.” Not only have you broken Rule Number One, you have given the initial violator the impression that this behavior is acceptable. In no way can this be encouraged.

A side clause of the “Rule of Innovation” covers A Clockwork Orange. Yes, it is a fucked-up movie, but you did not discover it. Take off the T-shirt, and for god’s sake man, do not ever ask a film critic/professor if he has ever seen it. Just like the rest of us, he has.

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