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Friday Night
On the Cab ride into DC, we had to take two cabs. The driver of the cab I was in passes the other cab on the right, cuts across two lanes of traffic to exit onto the express lanes at 70mph

Cabbie: picks up CB and calls the taxi dispacher Cab 10 has just lost their hubcap.

Dispacher: He lost his hubcap? He better go back and get it wherever it is.

Me (to Cabbie): Did he really lose his hubcap?

Cabbie: No. He just lost the race. That's what we say. The other drivers call me Turbo Iceman.

Cell phone conversation with bobwhite concerning whether or not he will meet up with us at the bar we were at, which happened to be the same Irish bar from last weekend

Bob: so how is it over there, are you having a good time?

Me: Yeah! There's nobody else here! We have the run of the place, we're playing darts and drinking with the singer. We're having a great time!

Bob: laughs Of course you are. You hate other people--an empty bar is your paradise. I'll be right over.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening
During a game of Diplomacy, a Risk-esque board game

Keg: Alright, Mr. Fuck Keg in the Ass, what are you going to do next?

Berman, aka, Mr. Fuck Keg in the Ass: Portugal moves into Spain.

Me: Carla, how does it feel to know you're going to be Mrs. Fuck Keg in the Ass?

Ian: You better start practicing your signature.

Me: Yeah, imagine how her checks are going to look.

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