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Life Soundtrack

It's amazing how albums will become associated with memories, particulary memories of places. Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream puts me in my old bedroom in New Jersey. I listened to Jonathan Fire*Eater's Wolf Songs for Lambs almost every day on my first Europe trip--now when I hear it, I'm immediately in a Belgain station, screaming at the sound of passing trains.

But I have to thank VJ and the fact that we were too lazy to mix up the trunk changer all that much while we were in LA this summer for the two latest place-memory albums. Every time I now listen to Tom Petty, we're riding up the coast to Malibu with the sun on my arms and the wind all over the place. Garbage's 2.0 puts me in Manhattan Beach, driving around at night with the cool of the air and the smell of the ocean.

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