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Happy Birthday Mickey!!!

After the long and intoxicatingly fun celebration of the life and times of coldblackncold last night, I'll tell you now, there's nothing better in the morning than a hunk of slightly staled cake.

bobwhite is still asleep on the floor. During his last bowling frame last night, "Shoeless" Bob White opted to take his T-shirt off and wrap it around his head for that extra oomph. Expecting our immediate expulsion, I headed for the bathroom. While walking past another group of people, some guy was commenting to his friends, "hey, check out that dickhead over there with his shirt off." I stopped, looked at the guy and said "Yeah. He's a total dickhead." pause, then the girl he was trying to impress looks all scared, and I break a smile. "But you don't have to carry him around." Haha.

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