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The First Signs of Spring

The forecast calls for a 72° day today, which if I still lived on a college campus, this would mean the black labs that they keep under sheets of ice on the quad would be melted free of their icy cages to frolic about the grasses. Every consciously-unkempt Dave Matthews fan's shoes will somehow evaporate so they can run barefoot with said dogs who happen to have Frisbees in their mouths. Boobs and sundresses appear out of nowhere and suddenly, these guys who spent $20 on a pre-broken-in hat will be the damp of every girl's loins for miles around. See how they behave with dogs! He'll be great with children!

Sadly, I no longer am in college, so I am unable to witness this phenomenon. However, like most other things, I am discovering that there is a working world alternative to every cosmic dance that takes place on college campuses.

Toes are in bloom today.

The working world appears to be a mostly dog-free zone, and the shoes don't disappear entirely, but today as the mercury is forecasted to rise above the 70° mark, out came the open-toed shoes. As I may have mentioned, I'm not a fan of feet. I don't particularly like open-toed shoes. Summer has its place, and people tend to be more conscientious of their feet during that time. However, on days like today, surprise summer days, out come the sandals, foot care be damned.

Example: I was seated across from a late-thirties woman on the train this morning. She was wearing a very stylish and flattering flowy floral dress with a cardigan sweater casually overtop. Then at the bottom of her red-bumped, shaven-for-the-first-time-in-weeks legs were these beaten up black open-toed slide shoes. Peeking out of the hole were her unpainted, uncut, yellow toenails. I had to move.

It is at times like these that I wish the old Emily Post manners rules were still adhered to. My mother used to give me hell for wearing white anything after Labor Day and refused to let me wear shorts until after Memorial Day. This sudden toe sighting has put me off center all day. I need a little more warning time to brace myself in preparation for seeing dozens upon dozens of toes in a given commute. I will be better prepared for toes in the summer.

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