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I took a surfing lesson this morning. In an effort to put a positive spin on my progress, I will say that I'm just new at it and I can't expect to be good in 2 hours. But if I have the opportunity to tomorrow, I will rent a board and try again. I have always wanted to give it a shot, and I'm happy that at least once I tried it.

I am beat. Water-beaten and weather-beaten. Our trip to Lanai yesterday was probably more of a learning experience than the surfing lesson. We planned on spending the day there, so we took the first ferry over at 9:15. Got there around ten and headed for the beach where we found a shantytown of camping setups. After a few hours, we caught the shuttle into Lanai "City" which did not live up to the second half of its name one bit. An hour later, we were back on the shuttle, six-pack in hand heading to the beach again.

The part about Lanai that I'm still tripping on is how when we were heading over, we noticed all these people with cases and cases of beer and canned juice. While having lunch in "town", we chatted up with a local who mentioned that they take the ferry over to Maui once a month to go to Costco and stock up on stuff since everything is so expensive and hard to get on Lanai. I bitch about having to carry groceries up to my apartment. These people take a 45-minute ferry, then have to rent a van to drive the next hour to get to the wholesale store to pick up necessities. I can't imagine how tough stuff is to get if that fiasco is worth the cost and time.

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