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Last Day

I'm running around with my $24 rented POS car doing errands. This is the second car I have rented from the "Wheels USA" rent-a-wreck place this week. They have been the apple and the orange of POS cars, each having its own touch of flair. Saturday's car had the words DO NOT LIFT WITH KEY carved into the trunk and much to my surprise as I noticed this about 5 miles down the highway, did not have an operational speedometer. This car, however, is covered in Sanrio stickers and does not unlock from the exterior drivers side.

Last night during the 3-9pm happy hour (we only got there at six though), I was served a surprise drink by our bartender who was adorned with a huge tusk necklace and watching the Oscars when suddenly, forces overtook my sense of decorum. I pounded my fist on the bar and shouted "FUCK ME" at the top of my lungs when Shrek got the Best Animated Feature over Monsters, Inc.

That's fucking bullshit.

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