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I like the eggs on my face sunny-side-up

I am the worst bowler ever.


I think I bowled a 46 and like a 20-something tonight. I suck it hard.

However, the surprise "Your Friends Are Happy You Are Getting Married" party for sirrani tonight went swimmingly. She was none the wiser.

On Thursday we weren't so sure. I was at work, busily counting up the number of people who had RSVP'd for the party. Meanwhile, htothem was engaged in an IM conversation with the guest of honor, who in the middle of their conversation about the baby tiger at the zoo said to HM, "bobwhite just RSVP'd to me"

HM sends me an IM that says, "bob just RSVP'd to Carla."

I fly into a full on panic. Confused at why he'd send her an email when he told me in person the night before that he'd be coming to the party, I was baffled at why he'd be so careless as to send the RSVP to Carla. I sent him an email that said, "You just RSVP'd to Carla. You're a fucking douchebag."

For the remainder of the day, I was torn between being angry that all the work had been put in over the past month into keeping this party a surprise from her had all gone down the toilet, and hoping that since HM just ignored her IM about Bob's RSVP that she would forget about it completely.

At around five I get an email response from Bob that said, "No, dork. I RSVP'd to the WEDDING. I forgot to send my card back in time and I wanted to tell her I was coming."

Bob blew nothing. I spent all day panicking for nothing. I called Bob a douchebag for nothing.

Egg on face: Me. I apologized profusely and am now over the guilt of calling one of my closest friends a douchebag enough to find the situation funny. I hope he does too.

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