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You have to ask yourself: Is This Good For The Company?

My tan fades and so doth my spirit. The time for my departure from this company is eminent. Particularly after the two-hour long meeting about the possible granting of "if"come on the condition that in five years we are still working here and that the Sun and Jupiter are in perfect alignment. I've had about $30,000 of if-come in my life already and I honestly don't need any more.

I'm getting back into my normal routine after the vacation and the following super-busy Week of Fun and Surprise Parties and am finding things to think about other than that I need to find time to get resumes out. I have noticed that there are fewer tourists on the Metro lately. I guess Spring Break or Easter Holiday or whatever you want to call it is over.

It seems like lots of people are having shitty times of it these past few days, though, so I shall refrain from complaints. Just here doing my part to make LJ a little more alive today.

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