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Street Economics

On my way back from going to the bank just now, I stopped at a street vendor to pick up a soda. My usual gal wasn't there--she usually takes Mondays off--so I went to one a little further down the street. He asked me $1.25 for the soda that she sells to me for $1. I dropped it back in the cooler and walked on. I stopped at the next guy and he asked $1.25 too, so I told him he was out of his mind if he thought I was going to pay him more for the same thing. He said "I'm not ripping you off. See, the Pepsis are bigger than the Cokes, so I can ask more for them. Look...pick up a Pepsi and see that it's bigger." A girl came up behind me and was waiting, so rather than make her endure this conversation, I told him good luck and walked on.

Listen, I don't care how much you charge for something I don't want and am not going to buy. You can charge $89 for the Pepsi and I wouldn't give a damn. That doesn't justify you overcharging on something else.

I don't know much about economics, but there has got to be an X graph for this.

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